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Our friend from the north, IWK Foundation, raises money to support world-class care for women, children and families living in the Canadian Maritime.  They needed to launch a new English and French language Peer-to-Peer event site (and they had only nine weeks to do it).  Firefly was selected to serve as their expert partner to design and build the event using the powerful TeamRaiser software.  The time frame was no problem for our team.  The trusted collaboration between our teams was the true key to project success.  Did we make it to launch day?  Pourquoi ou!

A Fast Track to Success

IWK Foundation approached Firefly about a new Peer-to-Peer event.  There were several non-negotiables:  we had to work with limited time and a modest budget.  Their launch date was only two months away, so we used one of Firefly’s pre-designed TeamRaiser templates.  Responsive and able to support multiple languages, our template was an essential ingredient of our approach.

Responsive TeamRaiser Participant Center

It’s 2017, so digital best practices mean thinking about mobile first.  IWK Foundation wanted their event participants to manage their fundraising and communication on-the-go.  While the TeamRaiser Participant Center is not natively responsive, Firefly’s crackerjack developers have created a fast, low cost way to deliver an easy-to-use experience on mobile devices. 

Jacquie, Digital Specialist:

It's rare that you get to partner with an organization that's not only incredibly skilled, but an absolute pleasure to work with - that's what we got when we hired Firefly. Their professionalism and impeccable custom service meant that we were able to build a terrific site with an incredibly tight timeline.

Raising the Bar on eCommerce Tracking

Google Analytics eCommerce tracking is a powerful competent to your fundraising toolkit.  The typical configuration only tracks the gift amount, so the IWK Foundation challenged Firefly to provide a creative solution to serve up even more data about their event performance.  We did some testing and found a way to configure eCommerce tracking that collects registration data along with a variety of donation types.  This additional information will provide IWK Foundation with the metrics they need to properly craft communication and engagement for their unique audiences. 

Patrick DiGiulian, Senior Project Manager:

IWK was a fantastic partner to work with. They were excited and prepared, we were realistic and eager to deliver a top notch Peer-to-Peer event. Their staff encouraged us to think creatively when addressing their requirements, and everyone worked together as a team to make it happen.

Fast, Custom Peer-to-Peer Event Services

Using Peer-to-Peer software can be tricky – you need a partner you can trust.  Firefly has the expertise you need to configure your event correctly the first time.   Got an existing site set up?  We’ll make the right changes to your events for improved performance and ease of use (for participants and back office event staff alike).  Get a free quote.

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