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The National Council of Aging (NCOA) needed to reverse a downward trend in the number of SNAP food stamp benefit applications being downloaded from their website. The organization made an investment in Google AdWords to drive traffic to the “GetSNAP” landing page. Firefly worked hand-in-hand with NCOA to set up a paid Google AdWords account and run additional search ads.   Once the campaign was running, we provided recommendations for improving the performance of the GetSNAP landing page through content and layout tweaks.

Making Magic With Google AdWords Accounts

NCOA had two Google AdWords accounts – a free nonprofit grant account and the paid campaign account.  Firefly used the free grant account to test keywords and ads.  We used the ad performance data available from the grant account to identify the best performing, lowest cost ads and then ran them in the paid account. This strategy allowed the ads to run for a longer period of time each day and increased the total number of visits generated by search ads.

Goal Tracking And Conversions Made Easy

Firefly and NCOA added two features to Google Analytics that provided additional insight into AdWords performance.  We linked both the grant and paid AdWords accounts to a single Google Analytics Account in order to get the full picture of performance data across the Google-sphere.  We also added destination-based goal tracking.  This allowed us to measure the conversion rate of visitors as they moved from the “GetSNAP” landing page to the benefit application page.

Jean Van Ryzin, Senior Director, Communications at NCOA:

We wanted to supplement our Google AdWords grant with paid ads, but we didn’t have the in-house expertise to take it on. We turned to Firefly and got fast results. Firefly quickly helped us set goals, test keywords, and adjust spending to get the biggest bang for our buck. They also made sure we didn’t jeopardize our Google grant by closely coordinating between our paid and grant accounts. Firefly provided exactly the expertise we needed, and at an affordable rate.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Google

When it comes to the effective use of Google Grants and AdWords, the heavy lifting is all at the beginning.  Firefly can help you with  set up items like keyword selection, initial monitoring, testing and refinement.  Once you are up and running, we’ll empower you with custom training.  We understand how to navigate Google’s rules and interpret performance data. Whether you are thinking about applying for a Google Grant or you yearn for more sophistication, we’ve got you covered!  Start your project.

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