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The University of Virginia Health System (UVA) was proud of their annual fundraising event to support the UVA Cancer Center’s Breast Care Program.  After 33 years and over $3 million raised, it was time to take it up a notch and move into a new Peer-to-Peer platform.  The UVA team chose Firefly to help them with it all!  We took it step by step and led their team though the planning, design, and event set up.  Once the site was live, we provided custom documentation and training.

Responsive Participant Messages

You need to use every tool at your disposal when it comes to meeting P2P goals!  Firefly pays attention to the little details that can make a big difference in your P2P programs.  Take email messages, for example.  Special coaching messages to team captains and other participant groups are proven to increase event results.  Have you ever received an email message that looked broken, and you wondered how on earth it was sent out looking like that?  Modern devices, operating systems and email programs can cause your pristine message to look less than fantastic once it arrives in a participant’s inbox.  We’ve created and painstakingly tested a variety of message templates that take the worry out of hitting send.

Sophisticated And Strong

Firefly partnered with UVA to create clear, compelling engagement pathways and fast registration for participants, all while trying to develop an event look and feel that was sophisticated but not too feminine.

We delivered a modern, bold design that reflects a strong treatment of the event branding and a creative application of event photography to convey action and excitement.  The responsive event site is a real winner – providing hope and inspiration to women everywhere.

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Trang Ly

Trang Ly, Project Manager:

The team at UVA had thoughts on how their event should be set up, but since they were so new to tool, they didn’t understand how initial configurations affected things. As a result, we spent time guiding and explaining how different things worked and were are linked together. We made recommendations on how the event could be set up, and the UVA team really leaned on us for our expertise, creating a great sense of partnership and trust. We explained things without jargon and they trusted us to give them something that worked.

Lee Fleisher, UVA Health Foundation:

The staff at Firefly helped us with a complex project that had a tight deadline. They listened to our needs and produced a site that was beautiful and engaging. Our constituents loved it!

A High Touch Experience

Learning to use a new online event management tool is a lot like learning a new language.  It takes time, practice and some pop quizzes to get comfy with new vocabulary and grammar.  The UVA team came into the project completely unfamiliar with the Luminate TeamRaiser tool.  Our team provided an initial orientation to the platform, making sure they understood how it worked before getting into specific functionality decisions.  No drive-by set up here at Firefly!  We provide a full service, pleasant experience to our clients that keeps them coming back year after year.

Peer-to-Peer: Everybody's Doing It

Hopping on the P2P bandwagon?  Thinking about adding a DIY campaign to your IRL 5K event?  Firefly can help you evaluate platforms, design and build your new event site and train you up to be an online event manager!  Even if your P2P program is firmly established,  our expertise in event performance and general best practices will provide the data you need to improve important P2P elements like registration and cross-team competition.  Whether your participants run, swim, walk or hop – partnering with an expert will get results.  Get a free quote.

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