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In Women We Trust

Firefly Partners is owned and run by a bunch of feminists.  There.  I said it.  Women’s studies majors, rabble rousers, reproductive rights workers.  We are card-carrying, opinionated, and stalwart in our beliefs.

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s.  Girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school until I was eight years old.  The first wave of feminism washed over the country as I moved through elementary school, and our lives were changed.  Through the activism of lady baby boomers, acceptance for equality grew and this growth provided different opportunities to my generation than the ones our mothers and grandmothers had.  THANK YOU, LADY BOOMERS!

What does this have to do with Firefly Partners?

  • As female business owners, our company has always focused on working with clients that improve the lives of women and girls. These include Women’s Funding Network, Center for Reproductive Rights, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Women’s Sports Foundation, among many others.
  • As women in tech, we’ve experienced the inequality of entrenched ‘old boys’ behavior in our industry. Our team of kick ass women and men have been scaling this wall of bias since our first day in business.
  • As full-time working moms, our families have missed us as we travel for business meetings, work long days and carve out time to attend to Firefly work on the weekends. We’re proud of the benefits, paid time off and flexibility that our company offers to our employees.
  • As nonprofit thought leaders, we are extremely privileged to work with some of the smartest, most passionate women clients and partners in the space. We feel your energy.  We see your vision.  We appreciate your dedication.

Today, years into the future – more than I care to admit –  I’m watching a giant eraser attempt to wipe away ideas that I thought were not up for debate.  My generation benefited enormously from the women who came before me.  Yet today, my daughter and her peers are faced with losses to personal freedoms that I never dreamed might come to pass.  No matter your age, means, or background – we must resist.  It is up to each of us to stand together, to join the rising chorus of women who will resist.  Together we will win. 

The Firefly team will be marking tomorrow, March 8th, by coming to work and doing the things we do every day to contribute positively to our communities.  We’ll be patronizing women-owned business.  Attending gatherings that celebrate women.

Whatever form your own observance takes, know that the feminists of Firefly are celebrating with you, feeling fierce from our home offices!


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