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overlay Taylor Shanklin, VP of Growth at Firefly

Firefly Welcomes Taylor Shanklin To The Team

Firefly Partners is thrilled to announce that Taylor Shanklin has joined Firefly as Vice President of Growth.  In this new role, Shanklin will oversee growth initiatives such as brand, industry thought leadership, partnerships, product offerings, and growing and expanding our client base. Her nonprofit technology and marketing expertise will continue to build Firefly as an industry leader and expert in creating stellar digital experiences for progressive nonprofits.

Major initiatives will include launching new product and service offerings, thought leadership channels such as podcasts and video blog series, and expanding our knowledge sharing through speaking engagements, live streaming events, webinars, and virtual events.

“The team at Firefly is passionate and diligent about bringing forward-thinking, people-focused digital experiences to our clients.  I’ve known Jen and the team for many years and am ecstatic to finally call myself a Firefly,” said Taylor when asked about her move.  “With everything our industry is going through right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m here to roll up my sleeves with our team, dream big with the causes we support and provide value and action-oriented resources to our sector as a whole.”

A women-owned and led company, Firefly Partners helps forward-thinking organizations expand impact and engagement across its supporter base.  We do this by recognizing that people—their motivations, passions, and actions—are at the core of moving a mission forward.  We take this into our design thinking and build people-focused digital experiences that truly engage and move donors, advocates, and volunteers to action.

“I’m excited to bring Taylor on board. She’s the kind of person that can help our clients and our industry think outside the box and truly move the needle forward. Her marketing, branding and strategic fundraising background will continue to push our industry forward, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her into the Firefly family,” said Jen Frazier, President and founder of Firefly Partners.

Taylor can be reached at [email protected], @tshanksoars on Twitter, on LinkedIn, or by phone at 720-534-0553.  Reach out and book time on Taylor’s calendar – she’d love to hear from you.

More About Taylor

Taylor Shanklin is a speaker, podcast host, and a “Peer-to-Peer Boss Lady” in the nonprofit sector. With 13+ years’ experience in nonprofit marketing and technology, Taylor has built up a solid, trusted reputation as a thought leader in the nonprofit agency and technology sector. Having experience across a full spectrum of leadership and execution roles, Taylor has served clients, run marketing, led sales efforts, and led product strategy and marketing.

Taylor gained experience in both client services and marketing at leading nonprofit technology companies such as Convio and Blackbaud. She has served 100+ organizations on both national and local levels. When it comes to scaling programs, Taylor loves to roll up her sleeves and approach things from her life philosophy “Minimize to Maximize”. Taylor has helped national organizations such as National MS, Alzheimer’s Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, ALS Association, Susan G. Komen, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America scale online fundraising, marketing, and events programs to affiliate markets. She maintains strong relationships with many of these former clients, regularly speaks on fundraising, marketing, and strategic use of technology to amplify impact.

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