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Welcome Jasmine Bright!

Please meet Jasmine Bright, the newest Digital Project Manager to join the Firefly Partners team! On my first interview with Jasmine, I was instantly impressed with her ability to own her nervousness and take control of the call. She proposed a fun ice breaker, which helped relax everyone and set a great tone for the rest of the call. It is this ability to own uncomfortable situations and have strategies to put everyone at ease that make for great project managers. Look forward to seeing what she can do going forward!


jasmine bright headshotName | Jasmine
Title | Digital Project Manager
Pronouns | she/her/hers

How would you describe your project manager style?

Here at Firefly, we use a Waterfall approach to project management, which basically means we map out our projects into distinct, often-times sequential phases, with each new phase beginning once the prior phase has been completed.

Within that style of project management, my project management style tends to balance results-based management with democratic. In working with project teams of extremely talented designers, developers, and digital strategists who are incredibly professional and knowledgeable, it allows me to set deliverables and timelines with full confidence that the project team will get it done well and efficiently.

With your strong nonprofit communications background, what advice would you offer young nonprofit communications professionals?

I think as a communications professional it’s very important to stay on top of digital trends and look for ways you can apply those digital trends to your non-profit to maximize its reach and impact.

It’s also important to build a brand for yourself and carve out your area of expertise within non-profit communications. There is always a need for digitally sophisticated comms professionals within progressive spaces, and you never know how you can help further progressive values, as a volunteer, team member, mentor, etc.

Lastly, building a network of mentors and peers who you can bounce ideas off of and ask for guidance and advice is generally helpful because we all need support and encouragement as we navigate the sometimes bumpy road of career development.

Without going too in-depth, because I know it’s a big question, you have critical experience using SMS messaging to engage communities while living through the pandemic and Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter uprising. What takeaways can you share with regards to pivoting your messaging and making your messaging more than just “advertising”?

Our goal for the My Black Counts campaign was always to build community, to educate our community, and to inspire our community to take action. Once we no longer had the option to build community on the ground, and or digital efforts became more robust, we approached our SMS strategy as a continuation of the conversation we began upon initial contact, whether it was on the ground (prior to COVID and the protests for Black Lives), through a social media ad, through our website, etc. Three important takeways that I learned through the implementation of our SMS strategy are:

  1. Make your SMS messages highly personal.
    Every time we initiated contact, we treated it as a continuation of a previous conversation, whether it was a previous SMS message or an email or digital ad, we wanted our communication to feel as seamless and natural as possible, as if and an old friend were texting you. We always greeted the person with their first name, told them who was texting them, checked-in (we hope you and your loved ones are safe, etc.) and built on previous information we delivered.
  2. It was timely.
    Although our priority was ensuring our community had enough information about the census and participated, we couldn’t solely focus on that with so much change and uncertainty at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We had to find creative ways to adapt our messaging to relate the importance of the census to this moment in history.
  3. It was responsive.
    We incorporated real-time feedback from our supporters based on their SMS responses to adjust our messaging, updated their supporter profiles, and develop a deeper understanding of the information that was important to our supporters.

Outside of work, pardoning that we are in the middle of a pandemic, how do you spend your time?

Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, my out of work activities haven’t changed much. I spend much of my time studying herbalism (I’ll be a certified herbalist in May 2021!), cooking, listening to podcasts, trying new skincare routines, and working out. Oh, and playing fetch with my dog whenever she wants to give me the time of day. Spoiler alert: I end up doing most of the fetching.

How do you get inspired?

I’m a nature lover, so I find much of my inspiration by just unplugging and spending an afternoon hiking with my dog. I also really enjoy reading. If I feel stuck, unmotivated, or uninspired, I’ll pick up a book or read an article that’s on my long list of “to-reads.”

What progressive causes are you plugged into?

Progressive causes I’m plugged into are the movement for Black Lives, with a heavy focus on economic and social justice and equity for Black communities, and what that looks like post-COVID and, hopefully, post-Trump. In the same vein, with the upcoming elections, fighting voter suppression and intimidation is critical at this moment.


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