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Meet JB – the newest Firefly!

Please meet Jennifer Burnham (JB) the new Operations Associate at Firefly Partners! Before I met JB, she stood out with her extensive background in education, project management, and ethics studies. When I did get to (virtually) meet JB, her passion about equity and empowering marginalized communities sealed the deal! Bonus, upon hiring, I learned JB has a corgi – meant to be!



Name | JB
Title | Operations Associate
Pronouns | she/her/hers


What drew you to the position of Executive/Marketing Assistant at Firefly?

When I left higher ed, I intentionally wrote down everything I wanted in my next position. The list was long and specific. I wanted to work for an organization that operated with integrity, humanity, equality, intention toward creating a better world for EVERYONE, inclusive, and kind. I wanted to work for a company that welcomed diversity in all aspects and honored what everyone contributed both professionally and personally. Oh – and saved the whales…While I decided that this was a pretty big ask, I found the vision and mission of Firefly Partners to be pretty close to what I envisioned and I felt that the role of Operations Assistant I could help the team empower the organizations doing the work on my short list.

What is a specific talent you bring this position that may surprise others?

A surprising talent is to make people feel at home, welcome, and taken care of. I think I do this well because I really love to hear the stories of peoples lives. Everything that makes us who we are is remarkable…even everyday stuff!

How would you describe your operations style?

My operations style is to unravel knots and find the flow in processes. I thrive in peace and uncomplicated systems and I love using creativity and innovation ( not necessarily tech…) to find solutions that enable work to be accomplished while having fun.

Outside of work, pardoning that we are in the middle of a pandemic, how do you spend your time?

Outside of work, you will find me in the garden growing medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, veggies and fruit and succulents. I also love hiking to look for wild herbs and plants. If I can get on horseback, even better. 

How do you get inspired? 

I get inspired by music, the kindness and creativity of humans and the natural world, and literature. Writing novels inspires me to think outside of my own experiences.

What progressive causes are you plugged into?

I am currently involved with Human Rights Campaign and the Environmental Defense Fund. I am plugged into the World Wildlife Fund, and Human Rights Watch.


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