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overlay welcome a new Firefly Team Member

Welcome Tim Lupo!

I am excited to announce that Tim Lupo has joined the Firefly Partners team as the new Client Services Director! Tim had a really friendly demeanor and overall disposition that I was immediately drawn to during our interviews. He very clearly had exactly the right skillset we needed for this position and I knew that he could walk in the door very qualified and experienced and ready to hit the ground running at full speed. I knew right away that he would be a great fit for the team and so far my expectations have been spot on! Without further ado


Headshot of Tim LupoFull Name | Tim Lupo 
Title | Client Services Director 
Pronouns: | he/him/his 

How do you motivate your team remotely? 

I’ve been working remotely for a long time and motivating the team in a remote setting isn’t all that different from the office. The primary drivers are still the same. Here are a couple of areas I keep topofmind when thinking about motivating a remote team: 

  • Schedule Check-in Calls Setting up regular meetings/calls with the team is helpful both in a large group or 1-on-1 setting. These meetings give everyone the opportunity to share how they are feeling and what they’re up to. When you have frequent meetings, you can squash issues quickly so that people don’t get stuck for too long. These meetings are also a great time to talk about things that are non-work related because getting to know your colleagues on a personal level is also equally important. I also highly recommend calls/meetings with video whenever possible to get some face time with your team. 
  • Promote & Encourage Work Life Balance – This is an area that many organizations promote when they’re hiring new people but actually have a hard time putting into practice. Listening to your team especially when someone feels overworked or overwhelmed and helping them get back on track is very important. When people see that leadership is taking the necessary steps to support them when issues arise it strengthens the relationship on all sides 
  • Connect the Dots Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when it’s unclear how your individual contributions impact the broader company level goals. Sharing goals at the company level and individual team level is extremely usual to confirm everyone is moving in the same direction. This also creates visibility around your higher-level purpose which can help motivate team members 
  • Celebrate Wins Set up a cadence to share accomplishments and wins with the broader team and call out individuals who are going above and beyond. It’s important to stop and take a moment to recognize all of the good work that’s happening across the team. 

What can Firefly Partners’ clients expect in their relationship with the company and with you? 

Our clients can expect a strong commitment from all of us at Firefly Partners to do the best job possible. Our team has chosen to work at Firefly Partners because we believe in our mission and have a deep desire to do good in the world. We are experts in our chosen disciplines and show up with the intention of doing amazing work for the nonprofits we partner with each day. 

More specifically, one of my primary responsibilities at Firefly Partners is to ensure that our team is delivering on the promises we establish with our clients. We recognize that there are plenty of agencies that our clients could partner with, but our hope is that Firefly Partners is chosen because our clients know we are leaders in our field of practice and we’re going to work our hardest to ensure their success. 

Many nonprofit staff have to add a ‘project manager’ hat when they take on projects with agencies like Firefly Partners. What advice do you have for individuals who aren’t a PM by trade but are being asked to adopt those skills? 

It’s common to wear many ‘hats’ and we understand that. The most important thing we can do at the very beginning and throughout the project is talk about your role and how we can best support each other as you wear the PM hat. Projects can sometimes fall down when there’s not a clear set of expectations around who is doing what and when. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions along the way, especially if the goals or process are unclear to you. We’re all learning and growing together, and we encourage our clients to remain curious because that curiosity is going to help us both build a strong foundation. 

Outside of work, pardoning that we are in the middle of a pandemic, how do you spend your time? 

The pandemic has made 2020 an interesting year for all of us. As someone who tries to find the silver lining in situations that are less than ideal, the pandemic has provided me more time to do the things I love. Cooking and baking are creative outlets for me, and I really enjoy doing this in my spare time. For me it’s fun to play with a new kitchen gadget or make a delicious meal or dessert. I’m also inspired by what I find online so I’m always trying a new cooking/baking technique that challenges me and it’s rewarding to see the end result even if it doesn’t always turn out the way I hope it would   

How do you get inspired? 

I lived in New York and Massachusetts for my entire life, but I recently moved to Arizona. The big push to make this move was the ability to have more sunny days so I could spend more time outdoors. I’m an avid walker/hiker and love finding new trails and areas to explore. This was difficult to do in the Northeast when the Summers were so short but now, I’ll be able to explore all year long! There’s something very calming about being outside amongst nature and giving myself the time and space to turn off my brain and recharge.  

What progressive causes are you plugged into? 

I have a family connection to breast cancer, so I actively support all of the great causes who are advocating for cancer patients and trying to find a cure. I am hopeful that one day we can eradicate cancer for good so that no one else has to be faced with the challenges that it poses in their own circle of friends and family.   

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