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2021 Conference Details

Jen Frazier


Join Firefly Partners at these upcoming conferences and webinars! 

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Digital Fundraising Summit

November, 4-5, 2021

Why an Inclusive and Accessible Digital Experience is Imperative to Increase your Fundraising

Nov. 4, 2021 @ 2:30pm EST

Do you know that over 26% of adults in the US live with a disability? That is 61 million Americans. How does that impact our work? If you want to reach ALL your prospective supporters, advocates, and donors, you need to make sure you are including everyone who is interested in furthering your mission. Because, as you know, you cannot afford to create barriers to participation – even if unintentional. Ensuring that your work is fully accessible and inclusive across your digital channels is a must. Right from the first interaction with your organization, every person should be able to learn, interact, sign up, and donate with ease. Come to this session to learn more about the fundamentals of digital accessibility and why and how your organization can do what it takes to ensure you are creating an opportunity for EVERYONE to give.

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Leading with Every Action: An Expert Interview Series

How Can Accessibility Design Benefit Nonprofits with Firefly Partners

November 5, 2021 @ 1:00pm EST

In this series of interviews with industry experts, we will discuss important topics facing nonprofit leaders today to spark conversation, further discussion, and most importantly… action.

Join us if you…

  • Are responsible for cultivating an inclusive and equitable organization
  • Regularly communicate with your Board of Directors and seek their buy-in and participation
  • Want to ensure that your organization is actually  inclusive and equitable to work and support
  • Are interested in your organization being inclusive and accessible to all supporters

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