overlay Five Tips That Every Nonprofit Blog Should Use

5 Tips That Every Nonprofit Blog Should Use

Blogs are a seemingly insignificant tool these days. Yet using one properly can do more for your nonprofit than you ever thought imaginable. Blogs are the hidden gem of any organization, acting as a resource for the public and even an extension of your nonprofit’s brand.

But it’s not enough to just keep your blog current; it’s important to write blog posts that effectively communicate value and substance to readers. Doing so will make your blog a resource, not just a fun pastime.

Here are five essential ways to make your blog stand out with exceptional material!

1. Know Your Audience

Before you create a blog, it is imperative to research your target demographic. Knowing who your audience is will allow you to write in terms of their needs and wants, which will undoubtedly create value for them—and your company. In an effort to understand your nonprofit audience, utilize keyword searches and SEMrush, as this will help you discover what the best topics are for your audience.

Some effective topics to write about are:

  • Breaking news in the nonprofit world
  • Tips and tricks about nonprofit marketing tools
  • Upcoming events

2. Offer a Compelling Headline

After fully understanding who you are writing to, a compelling headline often determines whether a particular blog post will be seen or not! Viewers base their interest on the headline and will only read further if it incites interest. So, utilize numbers and keywords to spark curiosity. Make sure your headline will be seen as a resource and tool that will inspire viewers to learn more through the blog post.

3. Add Keywords in Every Blog Post

To get more reach and credibility, always use keywords. Specifically, keywords are words or phrases that people will search for to find information on specific topics or organizations. So using researched words will increase your SEO and your chances of having your blog read. Note that it is important to offer both short-tail (1 to 2 words) and long-tail (3 to 4 words) keywords to appeal to your whole target market.

4. Include Links to Generate Referral Traffic

Link sourcing is another great way to get your content ranked higher in searches. Google takes into account your use of internal and external links in order to prioritize your blog. So, keep in mind specific pages on your company website or from outside content that could spice your blog up. Furthermore, adding internal links will drive more traffic to your website through referral acquisition.

5. Add Exciting Imagery

Images provide visual appeal to the blog that reinforces the content and brand image of the company. Additionally, supportive imagery will provide a nice break from paragraphs while simultaneously contributing a similar message to the visual readers. It never hurts to add complementary imagery, so go for it!

Following these five steps will help the flow and aesthetic of the blog post, allowing readers to get more out of your content. If you understand what your audience values and engage them with an inspiring headline, keywords, and imagery, it will be easy to generate long-lasting traffic for your blog!

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