A website that the MS community can rely on

A website that the MS community can rely on

The Challenge

Can Do MS is dedicated to helping individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their support partners. Their website failed to effectively showcase the wealth of resources and community engagement opportunities available. Complex navigation hindered users from accessing crucial resources and programs, while prospective partners struggled to find information on involvement with the organization.

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Our goal was empowerment through an inclusive online experience.

To tackle these challenges head-on, we embarked on a redesign journey focused on enhancing navigation and accessibility, improving content visibility, and streamlining partner engagement pathways.

Modern design that embraces accessibility

The visual design underwent a transformation, resulting in a refreshed interface that meets WCAG 2.11 AA compliance standards while staying true to the Can Do MS brand. Carefully curated imagery captures the essence of Can Do MS events and community engagement.

Navigation that provides a seamless experience

Navigation that provides a seamless experience

We overhauled the information architecture, implementing clear and intuitive menu structures that guide users seamlessly to relevant sections aligned with their interests and needs. With a prominent search functionality in place, users can now swiftly access specific programs and partner engagement opportunities.


“Firefly has made our website a seamless experience for our audience to access vital resources and learn about important opportunities. Their attention to user-friendly navigation and modern design brought clarity and ease to the site. As a result, our community can now engage with our content more effectively, leading to increased involvement and support for our mission.”

Alisa Santiesteban
VP Marketing & Communications
Resources at your fingertips

Resources at your fingertips

Central to the redesign was the drive to increase utilization of available resources, which include helpful videos, articles, and downloadable materials. User-friendly interfaces and interactive elements foster exploration and interaction.

Leveraging SEO to reach new audiences

Improving the website’s visibility was crucial for connecting with Can Do MS’s key audiences. A comprehensive SEO strategy was devised, optimizing content, meta tags, and site structure to enhance visibility for MS-related keywords. This strategic approach aimed to boost engagement and brand awareness among individuals living with MS and their caregivers.

Tracking progress to drive impact

Tracking progress to drive impact

Robust data tracking capabilities were integrated using Google Analytics, enabling comprehensive analysis of user interactions and preferences. This data-driven approach facilitated informed decision-making, allowing for ongoing refinements to the website’s design and content strategy, ensuring continued relevance and effectiveness.

Here’s how Can Do MS is serving the community, online and off.

Here’s how Can Do MS is serving the community, online and off.


Increase in average engagement time per page, demonstrating heightened interest and involvement with online content


Increase in views of key pages, including vital resources, indicating a growing connection and interaction with digital offerings


People with MS and support partners helped by Can Do MS, according to their website

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A website that the MS community can rely on
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