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Making the Switch Webinar Series

Outdated tech?

Looking to switch fundraising or marketing tools?

This webinar series takes a deep dive into the tool evaluation and migration process with Jen Frazier and the Firefly Team! Go in-depth on the three main phases of switching tools, and the strategy behind a successful tool migration.

Episode 1: The Preparation Phase

When you’re getting ready to switch digital tools it’s vital to put in the prep work to make sure your next tool is the right tool for your organization. In this episode, Jen covers the first phase of switching tools–the preparation phase. This phase is all about defining the “why” behind making a software change and effectively preparing your organization for an upcoming switch.

After watching you’ll be able to…

  1. Understand HOW your organization uses your current tools
  2. Gain awareness on WHO is engaging with the tool now
  3. Understand WHY your team is looking to make a switch
  4. Outline your team’s needs – WHAT additional features are you looking for, what actions of your organization will the tool support, etc

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Episode 2: The Evaluation and Selection Phase

Once you start searching for your next email marketing or fundraising tool it won’t take you long to realize the market is saturated with different options. 

So, how do you narrow down your options?

How can you be sure that the tools that look promising are actually a good fit for your team?

In the second episode, you will learn how to gather all of the pertinent requirements from your team, thoroughly evaluate the right platforms, and select the best new platform for your organization.
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Episode 3: The Migration and Optimization Phase

During the migration phase, you can finally see the light at the end of your tool switch tunnel. Huzzah!

But don’t lose sight of the finish line. The migration and optimization phase of a tool switch can be intense and if you lose focus things can go awry.

The final part of the series will cover tool migration and implementation strategies. This episode will talk about the creation of internal workflows, setting up the new platform to best meet your needs, and how to execute your implementation without experiencing major interruptions.
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Want help narrowing down the options for your next digital tool? Check out our “Making the Switch’ Tool Guide!

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