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Tools to Turbocharge Your Fundraising Program

Let’s face it. Some days, your coffee just needs an extra shot of espresso for that “oomph” to keep you going. Like this season’s flavored latte, a new fundraising or cause awareness tool seems to come out every week that can help stimulate fundraising efforts and stir up more supporters. We’ve bellied up to the coffee bar and found several online tools that can help turbo charge your fundraising efforts. Here’s a roundup of four fundraising tools that your nonprofit can sip on:

Charitable Giving on Facebook
Facebook recently joined the lineup in November, offering a new fundraising tool that allows nonprofits to host campaigns on their Facebook page. They are currently partnering with nearly 40 nonprofits to try out the new functionality. The platform allows nonprofits to set up a page for a fundraising campaign where you can upload relevant videos and other media, collect donations and track dollars against a goal. In addition, Facebook is expanding its Donate button, allowing nonprofits to attach it to both pages and posts for extra visibility.

Crowdrise offers online tools for personal fundraising, event fundraising, special occasion fundraising, team fundraising and sponsored volunteerism. Co-founder (and actor extraordinaire) Edward Norton, along with high-profile fundraisers have helped set this crowdfunding tool apart from others. A key differentiator among other platforms is that donors can accumulate points for activities. Case in point: donors earn 10 points for every dollar raised or donated and double points for giving to a featured charity. Top point winners get prizes such as electronics, clothing and gift cards. Nice incentive for donors to sweeten the deal, right?

Geared specifically toward nonprofits, StayClassy provides tools for deep fundraising management and development, including peer-to-peer fundraising, online donations and fundraising events. It’s a one-stop (coffee) shop where you can consolidate and manage online fundraising. Just stir together their acquisition tool, relationship builder and collaboration tools just the way you like it.

everydayhero by Blackbaud takes a self-service approach and empowers donors to give back in whatever way they want to. Integrating with Facebook, Twitter, MapMyFitness and VolunteerMatch, donors can see and track their personal giving footprints and set up a fundraising goals/causes, track progress and see impact. This tool is big on visuals in terms of time, effort, money and social engagement on a cause.

What do you think of these tools? How will you decide which “roast” is for your organization?

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