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2017 Update: Get Ready to Read Firefly’s New Nonprofit Software Guide

Okay, we’ll say it: We’re pretty proud! Last year, we put together a guide to nonprofit software and it went over big, with downloads made by organizations in all 50 states, plus in ten other countries.

We’re thrilled that so many people grabbed it but, even more so, we’re thrilled why they downloaded it: Because choosing software for a nonprofit organization is tricky and our guide helped them do it right.

Flash forward to late 2017. Our world has shifted, and each week seems to bring a new battle for nonprofits to fight. More than ever, it is critical for nonprofit organizations to be able to quickly reach and mobilize their supporters. Our supporter expectations continue to increase amid a perpetual sense of urgency in our messages.

And, along with the world, software functionality has changed. The number of features that have improved and the advances in functionality that have been made in one short year are, in a word, awesome. We’re talking enterprise-level innovations that nonprofits couldn’t have even dreamed of having access to just a few years ago!

It became clear that we needed to strap on our helmets and dig in for another round: the Firefly Partners Guide to Nonprofit Software for 2017.

Our completely updated guide is designed to give you insights into the history, features, and support options of seven of the most popular and robust software programs available for nonprofits. Beyond that, though, it’s also designed to answer this fundamental question: How well are software vendors aligning their platforms with customer needs?

Our second time around, we’ve increased the software profiles from six to seven, including two platforms that weren’t featured last year. We’ve got updates on new features and improved technology, plus new screenshots, migration processes, and tips from the vendors to offer additional insight.

It was a big undertaking, but one we’re sure you’ll appreciate. After all, if your engagement software isn’t right for your organization, it’s just that much harder to move your organization forward.

Your software is the foundation on which all of your supporter interaction is built. Let’s make sure you’ve got the right one.

Our 2017 Guide to Nonprofit Software just launched! Sign up below to get your copy now:

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