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Digital Marketing Tools: How To Read The Guide

We’re happy to announce the release of our updated and brand new 2020 Digital Marketing Tools Guide. Now, let’s talk about why we developed the guide and how you can use it for your nonprofit.

The Guide: Why?

As I write this, we are now months into lockdown, social distancing, and self-imposed isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic. These are scary, uncertain times for us all. And yet, as we all brace for a re-opening, and another peak in cases, we are all also settling into this new reality the best we can.

We’ve been speaking with a lot of our nonprofit clients and friends and learning about the challenges for fundraisers and nonprofit marketers on the frontlines.

What does this moment in time look like for you?

  • Your nonprofit is likely adjusting to a remote working environment for the first time,
  • Events from galas to 5k walks to community trainings are all either being canceled or pivoted to a digital / virtual / live streaming version instead,
  • Maybe you don’t know what to say to your constituency or how to ask for money and support in these economically challenging times

We’re with you in this, and, while uncertainty is pervasive across many aspects of our lives right now, we are certain about one thing: digital is going to be more important than ever in our new reality. Fine-tuning your digital landscape is critical as it is now your primary – perhaps your only – means of communicating and connecting with your donors, supporters, and community.

But, it’s a lot to juggle. 

Our own nonprofit experience means we know it’s nearly impossible to juggle everything on your plate—the right message for your next fundraising campaign, the right layout for your donation forms, or the right timing for your next advocacy campaign. That’s why we put this guide together and zeroed in on 14 of the best digital marketing platforms that have been purpose-built for nonprofit communicators like you.

How to Use the Guide

The Grid

For a high-level overview of the tools, reference the grid. While each tool has many more functions, this summary page can help you determine where to start.

The Content

Whether you’re looking for one tool, or a few, we suggest reading through each profile to get a clear picture of what differentiates each from their competitors.

The Process

Use the last section of this resource to learn more about the tool selection and migration process from beginning to end.

The Functions

A sidebar with an expanded list of tool capabilities helps you understand what each platform can do, down to the smallest of details.


In addition to an overview of what each tool has to offer and what sets it apart, these profiles detail: Pricing Structure Migration Process Updates + Upkeep Client Support Common Integrations.

We hope this helps bring some guidance and transparency to some of the platforms available and build just for you.

Got questions? Want help with your tool selection? Reach out to us at [email protected], or tell us about your project. We do this all day, keeping our ears to the ground on the latest and greatest platforms, and are here to help.

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