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Being a Good Digital Project Partner

Every digital project that we take on here at Firefly is a partnership between our team and the nonprofit we’re working with. We have roles and responsibilities, as do our clients, and we work together toward common goals. It’s easy to throw around the word ‘partnership,’ but we want it to have real meaning. This includes having high expectations of ourselves and making it easy for the staff at organizations to be part of a shared and collaborative process.

What we bring to the table:


We function as a well-organized team with proven project management strategies. We’re not flying by the seat of our pants, and time and again we hear from clients about the strength of our project management methodology. We come prepared, are respectful of everyone’s time, and move things forward efficiently and effectively. There are no questions about who does what on a Firefly Partners project. As a company we don’t cram so many projects on our team that they can’t show up for clients. We want organizations to feel like they get the care and attention they deserve.


From the beginning of our relationship with an organization, honesty and authenticity infuse everything we do. We give people realistic cost and time estimates on projects – we don’t underbid and then come back and upcharge. We know how long it takes to do things and we’re going to tell you that from the start. Through the project life cycle we really are client focused. You’ll know things as we know them and we’re open to sharing information. This allows us to make good decisions because everyone has the best information.

Listening Skills

We strive to be good listeners, so we can approach and create a project plan based on what clients have told us. Our aim is to make sure we’re on the same page, have the same expectations, and thoroughly understand the scope of the project so that there are no surprises on either side throughout the course of the project. We lay out our approach and methodology early but remain flexible to a client’s needs as we progress. We also schedule regular check-ins to provide opportunities for our clients to give feedback each step of the way and ensure the project stays on track according to the vision and plan that were created at the outset.

What we ask for in return:

Active Participation

A project can only be successful if both teams show up and stay motivated and focused throughout. We’re coming together to achieve a goal, and we don’t want clients to think of us as experts bossing them around. We expect clients to bring their ideas and perspectives to each stage of a project and to be prepared to dedicate staff time to reach the finish line. We want every minute we spend to be worthwhile, so we ask that clients prioritize the project but also tell us if things change and timelines need to be adjusted.

Decision Making

Project leaders need to be available, capable, and have the authority to make decisions; or they need to be able to get the attention of the decision-makers when necessary. Sticking to due dates (or telling us early if they need an extension) is critical to keep a project moving forward. It is also critical to understand that once a decision is made, and our team builds upon those decisions with the next task in the process, going back and changing that decision impacts both the project budget and timeline. So, it is important to be thoughtful and deliberate when making decisions along the way.

Outcome Focused

We have ideas about what will work, but we want every client to be totally satisfied with the final product. Not being afraid to ask questions is key, because the more they ask the more empowered and knowledgeable they will be.

We know that every project is going to have some unexpected hiccups along the way, but we believe that being clear about expectations from day one and cultivating a trusted working relationship can make navigating the unexpected a whole lot easier. If this sounds like the kind of dynamic you’re interested in, complete this form to get started on your digital project today.

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