Marketing Automation for Nonprofits

Use this resource to learn the why, the how, and top platforms for marketing automation for nonprofits. 

Looking to improve your marketing automation game? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we partnered with Heller Consulting and set out to provide a framework to help organizations think strategically about marketing automation – and to share some inspirational successes with marketing automation from our clients.

Marketing Automation Guide for Nonprofits

After reading this guide, you’ll have clear direction on:

  • How marketing automation can benefit nonprofits
  • The difference between CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Insight into some of the top tools and platforms on the market
  • How to get started and implement marketing automation at your organization
  • How to use digital experiences to connect more deeply with your supporters

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The way we see it, marketing automation tools are a natural extension of a successful CRM ecosystem. Having captured data and with a 360-degree view of constituents, organizations can take the next logical step and leverage automation tools to connect with donors in a personalized way, streamline program operations, and free up precious staff time. Marketing automation delivers highly personalized messages to constituents, dynamically adapting in response to new data points and supporters’ behaviors.

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