Peer-to-Peer + Virtual Event Guide

Are you planning to throw a virtual event in 2021? (we hope the answer is yes!)

The reality is virtual events or hybrid events (virtual and in-person) are our reality for 2021. At the same time, 2020 was a challenge for hosting virtual events – a first for most nonprofits. As you plan for a 2021 virtual walk or online gala, the question before you needs to be:

How do I build on last year’s event to make this year better?

Our answer: the Peer-to-Peer and Virtual Event Guide: Fundraising in a Pandemic.

Just for nonprofit professionals like yourself, this Peer-to-Peer and Virtual Event Guide is built to be your best friend. Peer-to-Peer and Virtual Event Guide has the tools and strategies you need to improve your participant’s experience of your virtual peer-to-peer events, host high-dollar fundraising events, and create deeper connections with your supporters.

Fundraising in a Pandemic eBook

In other words, the Peer-to-Peer and Virtual Event Guide gives you:

  • Current digital tools optimized to boost your virtual events  
  • New tools to get the most out of your online walk-a-thon or gala
  • Proven peer-to-peer fundraising strategies that work in the digital space
  • Quick and easy tech advice you can implement today 

Look, fundraising in a pandemic is a challenge. Let’s share our knowledge to help each other succeed.

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