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Start 2016 Out In The Best Online Shape of Your Life!

With 2015 officially in the books, it’s time to take a fresh look at your website and strategy and make sure you are starting 2016 off on the right foot! Lucky you – the Firefly team has a few tips to get you thinking about how you’d like to tackle the year ahead. (And bonus! You don’t have to give up sweets or go to the gym every single day.)

  • Jen F: Share successes with your team. Congratulate and thank folks internally so everyone knows what is happening within your organization. Share those outcomes!
  • Maureen: Set a few numbers-based goals for your online engagement in 2016. How many new names will be added to your email list? How much will your average gift increase in 2016? When you can do it all, knowing where you need to grow (and by how much) will help keep you focused on the right activities.
  • Coralie: Become more efficient this year by picking something to stop doing rather than adding on to the list. Say “no” to the right things.
  • Colleen: Do an audit of who has admin rights on your systems.
  • Nate: Make use of exit donation form pop-ups…get folks on your mailing list to follow up or do something because they were so close to completing a desired action!
  • Valerie: Review/update your profile on Guidestar.org. It’s free, fast and help supporters find accurate information about your organization.
  • Renee: Look at your surveys and make sure important ones haven’t expired.
  • Leslie: Get ready for your spring peer-to-peer events. Look back at your 2015 results and use that data to achieve more this year. Take the time to evaluate the programs you ran the previous year and try to replicate the successful things and get rid of time-consuming things that aren’t getting you a good return.
  • Deb: Take the momentum from December and look over your email welcome series, repurpose what went well content-wise in EOY planning and freshen up content in recurring email series too.
  • Christy: Remember to send thank you notes to EOY donors. Acknowledge those gifts!
  • Jen M: Look at high performing newsletter articles and pull them into your welcome series.
  • Trang: Clean up your duplicate records and take look at standard autoresponders and refresh them if needed.
  • Cheryl: Look at your writing online and write for the web: make it short and use action verbs in links (not “click here”), etc.
  • Michelle: January is great time to do a comprehensive analysis of 2015 e-communications. Use it to drive your plan for 2016 based on lessons learned, goals, priorities, etc.
  • Scott: Run a dead/broken link checker to do some winter cleaning on your website.
  • Matt: You might be exhausted after big EOY push, but keep the momentum going (and all that time spent engaging constituents) and continue with email marketing and donation asks since they are already thinking about you!

What tip(s) do you plan to use? Share your tips to start off 2016 right in the comments!

Want some help getting your organization in tip top shape for 2016? Shoot us a line…the Firefly bunch will help you out!

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