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Election 2020: Will Your Organization Be Ready?

The 2020 presidential election may still seem to be far off, but it’s not too early for nonprofits to start planning for the big event. Not only will you need to have multiple messaging, communications, and fundraising campaigns ready to go, you will need to have the right digital tools in place to make them happen. Big technology projects like choosing a new tool or redesigning a website take time to complete, and your team needs the flexibility to adjust and feel comfortable using new systems before the urgency of pressing campaigns is upon them.

We understand that the uncertainty and budget concerns that come with a presidential election cycle can put progressive nonprofits into a holding pattern. Looking back at the 2016 election, we saw many nonprofits put the brakes on big technology projects in the lead up to the vote. From website redesigns, to peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, to implementing new email marketing tools, many organizations waited to see how things would play out. 

Learning From The Past

The assumption is that the window before a presidential election is a risky time to budget for big-ticket technology projects because there are questions about access to funding sources. At the same time, we know that when we woke up on November 9, 2016 after the worst had happened, many organizations found that they weren’t ready to respond and were forced to look for last minute solutions for critical communications. 

There was no way for us to predict a Trump victory, family separations at the border, the Kavanaugh confirmation, or the government shutdown. All these events had major implications for progressive nonprofits, their missions, and the people they serve, and all required swift action. Being ready to respond isn’t just about having a clear message – it’s also about using the right tools to spread that message. 

Looking Ahead

Planning for 2020 means not being caught unawares a second time around. We’re not suggesting this course of action to put you into panic mode – we’re actually aiming to do just the opposite. Many organizations are hard at work planning budgets ahead of a new fiscal year, and we believe that these next six months are a critical time to move forward on digital marketing projects that will help you get ready for campaigns leading up to the election as well as after the votes are counted. Maybe your message is how you’re working to undo the damage of the current administration. Maybe it’s more about how you’ll continue to fight against ongoing corruption. Either way, if you can’t reach your supporters you can’t turn the tide.

How Firefly Can Help

As a digital marketing agency committed to partnering with progressive nonprofits, our mission is to prepare our clients to stay focused on reaching their goals all the time. We want every organization we work with to be ready now, during primary season, and on November 4 of next year, no matter how things shake out over the next year and a half.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my organization’s Google Ad Grant properly set up so we can publish ads that ensure our resources will rise to the top of search results and be easy for people to find?
  • Do we know what our fundraising ask will be as we approach the election, and after it takes place? Are our donation forms well-designed and mobile responsive?
  • Have we cleaned and segmented our subscriber list and do we have marketing automations set up so we’re the first to arrive in inboxes with targeted messaging?
  • Is timely content for our website approved so we can direct visitors to our most important calls-to-action as needed?

We know you’re working tirelessly to ensure that the tide turns in our direction. We also know that your mission is too important to let outdated digital marketing tools hold you back. Let us help you make sure you are prepped and ready so you can hit the ground running and continue fighting the good fight. 

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