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We’re with You

It’s been a couple weeks since the election, and like many of you, we at Firefly continue to experience strong emotions about the results. Fear. Anger. Urgency. Passion.

These feelings are accompanied by lots of questions. What happens now? How do we move forward? Where do I direct my energy? Whose fight do I join?

This need to fight for a better world is not new to us. Jen Frazier and I founded Firefly Partners after decades of experience as advocates for women’s rights and reproductive rights. Our passion for these causes has never wavered. And as Firefly has grown, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to social justice, human rights, LGBTQ issues, environmentalism, and other progressive causes.

From day one, this commitment has been the North Star of our company, guiding us in who we work with and who we work for. Every single person on the Firefly team brings a passion for activism to our work through their personal and professional experiences – Colleen as an advocate for foodbanks and feeding those in need, Michelle through her promotion of workforce innovation and equality, Leslie as a voice for clean water and natural resource protection. Each member of our team has their own passionate nonprofit story, and we’re stronger for it.

We are thankful for the wonderful opportunity we’ve been given to support organizations who work day and night to make our world a better place. We have built relationships and made life-long friends.

To those people and organizations who are ready to change the world for the better, we say: We support you. We stand with you. We volunteer, we donate, we march on behalf of your causes. And we are not going to stop. We pledge to work harder than ever to help your organization do good work in the world.

These early days are full of big feelings and challenging questions. We have faith that together we will recover our footing and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Optimism is the foundation of courage – let us move forward with this in mind.

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