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The process of a website redesign or switching to a new digital tool can be intense. The reward for getting through discovery, design, development, testing, and launch is that you and your team get to enjoy the final product. But what about your stakeholders and constituents? Why not share that satisfaction—and the end result—with your supporters?

It’s important to be strategic in leveraging your launch. Plan how you’re going to celebrate your new functionality well in advance of reveal day and don’t wait until the last minute to coordinate publicity with your marketing team. Consider these tips when inviting your constituents and supporters to the launch party.

1. Connect your website launch to a campaign

A website redesign often includes new digital tools. Announcing your new capabilities is a great way to drive people to your new site, but making sure there’s something for them to do when they arrive is even better. You don’t want them to just look and leave. Time the big reveal with a fundraising ask, an advocacy campaign, or a membership drive to get the most bang for all those visitors coming to check out what your new site has to offer.

2. Think about when you’re launching

When you announce your relaunch could be just as important as the way your site looks and works. Is there an event, news story, or time of year that’s particularly relevant to your organization? From a specific holiday, to an anniversary, to a large community gathering, consider timing your launch announcement with an event so it can be included in the larger conversation and get more publicity.

3. Prep related content

Write a blog post or record a podcast about what you did and why it matters to your mission. Explain to your constituents how a better site and better tools will ultimately benefit the organization’s ability to get work done. Prep this content ahead of time and distribute it via social media and email when you announce the relaunch to explain how your organization is going to be more efficient and effective thanks to this huge project you just completed. For an example, check out this podcast that Team RWB recorded about the big WordPress and Salesforce integration they undertook with Firefly Partners as part of their team.

4. Take People on a Tour

Your website relaunch was a long process, so don’t just promote it once, and then move on. There are probably many parts to your new site you want to show off—schedule social media promotion of each individual aspect for a week or even longer. Focusing on each individual feature will help drive specific groups to the content that matters to them most.

There’s a lot to be gained from making sure you publicize your new site and tools. Not only does it give you a chance for much-needed celebration of a job well done, it also signifies to your supporters that you’re paying attention to the latest digital trends and making sure the organization they love is staying up-to-date. That’s a win-win for internal and external stakeholders, and a step in the process that should not be overlooked. If you’re ready to get started on your next big project, contact us today. 

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