A member-based collective, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is committed to protecting and growing access to the outdoors for everyone.


Creating A Seamless Membership Experience

OIA engaged Firefly to build out their Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formally known as Pardot) membership portal. We also built out an analytics dashboard that powers their always-on approach to monitoring and improving their members’ web experience.  

Using Personas To Understand Member Preferences

Starting off, Firefly created three distinct market personas that provided insights into member goals, challenges, and needs. Firefly set up Google Analytics 4 and implemented custom tracking to monitor user interactions and engagement patterns on OIA’s website.

Analyzing Data To Improve The User Experience

Firefly then developed a customized Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard designed specifically around their KPIs. With the dashboard, which visualizes user behavior and events, OIA has ongoing opportunities to more deeply understand the user experience of both existing and prospective members.   

Insight-Driven User Optimizations

Using this data, Firefly also enhanced the UX and UI design of key pages and forms across both OIA’s main WordPress website and its new MCAE-powered member portal, most notably optimizing:  

  • CTAs for conversions 
  • Mobile responsiveness and optimization  
  • Homepage and headers  
  • Site navigation and search

A Fully Leveraged MCAE Platform

Over a 4-month period, this work has helped OIA accomplish:  

  • 21.4% increase in 28-day active users 
  • 3% increase in user engagement rate 

More Effective Marketing Powered by Strategy

These valuable insights of user journeys and behaviors have formed OIA’s foundation for data-driven decision-making and more effective marketing efforts. You can always talk with us about how to increase your audience engagement and support through data-driven strategies powered by GA4, MCAE optimizations, and tailored dashboard insights.

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