A digital revolution for a legacy organization

A digital revolution for a legacy organization

The Challenge

As a renowned defender of civil rights, SPLC recognized the need to modernize its digital giving program to sustain its legacy. They faced obstacles with rigid email templates and cumbersome donation and event forms, impeding their ability to effectively adapt to evolving donor preferences, gather crucial data and maximize their digital giving program.

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MarTech has the power to revolutionize how an organization fights for social justice.

With a strategic objective to harness their MarTech data for informed decision-making, we transitioned SPLC from Luminate Online to Engaging Networks, devising and executing an implementation plan that unlocked the full potential of the new platform. 

New chapter, new templates

With a vast CRM user base of 750,000 contacts, we crafted custom templates for emails, donation forms, and event pages, ensuring engagement across SPLC’s diverse audience. These templates feature vibrant imagery and colors, while incorporating modular blocks to cater to varied content needs. Notably, the donation forms included a digital wallet giving feature, aligning with SPLC’s goal to attract and retain a younger donor demographic.

Data for social justice

Implementing Google Analytics 4, we facilitated data collection through UTM tags and link tagging, empowering SPLC to refine list segmentation and automate marketing strategies. By leveraging metrics such as clicks and conversions, SPLC is gaining valuable insights into audience engagement patterns that guides informed decision-making about digital marketing efforts.


“We loved working with Firefly to reinvigorate the Southern Poverty Law Center’s digital fundraising infrastructure. They understood right off the bat what we were trying to achieve with our migration to Engaging Networks and helped navigate through a few roadblocks along the way! We are thrilled to finally have a robust and fully integrated digital ecosystem that better represents the SPLC brand.”

Sarah Burke
Director of Marketing

Knowledge transfer

We provided comprehensive training to SPLC’s team on efficiently managing their Engaging Networks templates and interpreting GA4 data for reporting. Equipped with the necessary skills, SPLC can translate and share findings with key stakeholders.

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Here’s how SPLC is serving the community, online and off.


Increase in email open rates, reflecting growing engagement with SPLC’s digital communications


Increase in click-through rates on donation forms, indicating the effectiveness of revamped templates in capturing supporter interest


Increase in detailed insights reports translated from GA4 data for key stakeholders, informing strategic decision-making and resource allocation

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