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Powering lymphoma research with a new email strategy

The Challenge

The Lymphoma Research Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for lymphoma, while serving and supporting those who are affected by the disease. Lacking insights into user behavior and engagement, LRF grappled with inefficient email marketing strategies. Without analytics or modern email templates, they couldn't leverage personalized content and data-driven decision-making to foster deeper engagement and support for their mission.

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Amplifying LRF’s mission through personalized email content

To take LRF’s email marketing to the next level, we integrated advanced analytics and developed customized content. This collaboration resulted in significant improvements in their digital communications strategy, driving more support for their programs and initiatives.

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Emails with a healthy dose of personalization

We developed five email welcome series with revamped messaging that introduces LRF’s mission and programs: New Email Sign-Ups, New Helpline Constituents, New Patient Education Program Participants, New Healthcare Professional Program Participants, and New Unsolicited Donors. The content is crafted to foster stronger connections with recipients, encouraging them to engage with LRF and become active supporters.

  • New Email Sign-Ups
  • New Helpline Constituents
  • New Patient Education Program Participants
  • New Healthcare Professional Program Participants
  • New Unsolicited Donors

Data insights that strengthen connections

We implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to monitor key metrics such as email signups, donation completions, publication downloads, and critical button clicks. We also created a custom dashboard that provides LRF with easy access to essential data. With these insights, decision-making for their digital marketing program is data-driven and strategic.

Lymphoma Research Foundation

“The Firefly team is incredible! They take time to understand your needs and help you bring your vision to life. Firefly helped to transform the way our organization communicates and serves our community and for that we are so very grateful.”

Lymphoma Research Foundation
Nichole Musumeci
Associate Director of External Communications
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Here’s how the Lymphoma Research Foundation is serving the community, online and off.


Open rate, surpassing industry standards and indicating strong recipient engagement


Clickthrough rate, demonstrating compelling content that drives action among recipients


People served through LRF’s patient education programs, according to LRF’s 2023 annual report

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