Reaching arthritis warriors, one email at a time 

Reaching arthritis warriors, one email at a time 

The Challenge

The Arthritis Foundation is dedicated to providing vital programs and information to individuals living with arthritis and their caregivers. The Arthritis Foundation faced significant hurdles in effectively engaging their diverse audience through email marketing. Outdated email designs, accessibility issues, and the complexity of adapting messages for different campaigns strained their resources and limited their outreach.

Email Strategy
Marketing Technology
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Digital outreach that mirrors the compassion and care of arthritis support.

To share their broad mission more widely and meet the needs of their audience, we optimized their Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform to develop a suite of email templates that are modern, accessible, and adaptable for various campaigns. This collaboration led to significant enhancements in their email communications, ensuring the long-term success of their digital marketing initiatives.

Sample of email template built with a focus on accessibility.

Professional and flexible design

We developed five unique, flexible email templates that blend professional design with compelling visuals and messages, driving meaningful engagement. These templates were created to support a variety of campaigns, ensuring the Foundation could communicate their key initiatives effectively.

Sample of the email template built focusing on accessibility.

Accessibility first

Given the Foundation’s aging demographic, we prioritized mobile-first design and accessibility, ensuring that all emails are easy to read and interact with, regardless of the recipient’s device or ability.

Utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud's automation capabilities, we tailored campaign content to match subscriber preferences.

Personalization with care

Utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s automation capabilities, we tailored campaign content to match subscriber preferences. This level of personalization helped the Foundation cultivate stronger connections with their supporters.

Creating efficiency with a style guide

To streamline the creation of new emails, we provided a comprehensive style guide and detailed documentation. This resource empowers the Foundation’s team to quickly and easily create messages tailored to any campaign.

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Here’s how the Arthritis Foundation is serving the community, online and off.


Enhanced ability to communicate key initiatives, resources, and calls-to-action, furthering the Foundation’s mission to support those living with arthritis


Improved email design and functionality, inspiring heightened engagement from their audience with digital communications


New participants in Live Yes! Connect Groups, according the Arthritis Foundation’s 2022 annual report

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