Transforming a homepage to champion child migration advocacy 

Transforming a homepage to champion child migration advocacy 

The Challenge

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) was founded to advance the protection and rights of unaccompanied children. KIND required a homepage that clearly articulated their mission and showcased their global initiatives. The previous design suffered from an outdated visual identity and poorly utilized images of those impacted by their critical work. Additionally, the content organization was cumbersome, hindering the effective presentation of their programs.

Policy & Advocacy
User Experience & Design
KIND staff work with children in shelters in Tapachula MX. Photo by Brett Gundlock 2022.

Our goal was to create a homepage that encouraged advocacy and engagement.

To address these challenges, we focused on developing a homepage that provides seamless access to resources and stories. Our goal was to empower donors, media, and policymakers to support KIND’s leadership in child migration, engage with the organization, and amplify its mission within their networks. 

Messaging that speaks volumes

The revamped homepage features concise messaging prominently displayed, ensuring visitors immediately grasp KIND’s mission and global reach. Content is presented side by side rather than stacked, enhancing navigation and user engagement.

Coloring within the lines

We established a modern, cohesive visual brand identity by unifying colors (especially in headings) and integrating updated brand elements throughout. Engaging and powerful imagery is strategically placed to reflect KIND’s work.

Kids in Need of Defense

For nearly five years, our partnership with Firefly has been invaluable. Leading the redesign of our KIND website, they’ve consistently served as our trusted digital ally, strategically enhancing and optimizing our online presence. Firefly has always understood and remained committed to our mission of safeguarding the children we serve.

Kids in Need of Defense
Alexandra Pender
Senior Director Digital Media & Branding

Guiding users to action

We improved the user experience with clear calls-to-action and well-defined user pathways tailored for donors, media, and policymakers. The simplified navigation guides visitors efficiently through the site to access relevant information about KIND’s initiatives.

KIND staff work with children in shelters in Tapachula MX. Photo by Brett Gundlock 2022.

Here’s how Kids In Need of Defense is serving the community, online and off.


Increase in new users, indicating a rising awareness of and interest in supporting KIND


Increase in traffic to advocacy action pages, reflecting a growing interest in KIND’s mission and initiatives


Percent of donate form clicks coming from the homepage, showcasing the effectiveness of the CTA in driving contributions

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