Firefly Testing Policy

Our Standard Web Development Testing Practices

This page was created to document the approach we take in quality assurance testing across devices, browsers, and operating systems. These standard testing practices will be updated regularly in response to changes in technology. Please ask your Firefly point of contact if you have questions or need testing that falls outside of these standard practices. Last Updated: JULY, 2021.

Browser Testing

The specific browsers we test as part of our standard practices are determined by their percentage of market share – in other words – how many people use it? We test on the most recent versions of: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. We use Browserstack to test different combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Our standard browser testing practices do not include browsers in beta versions, nor do they include testing older browser versions that are no longer supported. Microsoft announced in 2021 that support for Internet Explorer was over, and that Microsoft Edge would be their only supported web browser. As a result, Internet Explorer should be avoided by all users due to security concerns. Thus, we do not include Internet Explorer on our browser testing.

Mobile Device Testing: iPhone, iPad, Android

Firefly will use the mobile devices and operating systems available in Browserstack to provide device testing for the most commonly used devices based on U.S. market share. We support modern mobile devices from smaller screens such as the iPhone 8 to larger tablets such as the Microsoft Surface series .The Windows Phone, Google Pixel, Blackberry, and KindleFire/FireOS are excluded from our standard device testing practices due to limited market share.

If you see features or designs no longer looking or working as you expect, it may be due to these common updates to browsers, email clients, or devices. If this happens to you and you’d like us to troubleshoot, call us at 303.515.7155 or contact us electronically. We’ll get a new contract in place quickly to help identify the root cause and fix things up again.

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