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Janice E. Thom

Firefly is interested in context. Whether it’s something as common as a welcome series or as unique as making sure the pop-ups on our ticketing pages don’t obscure pronoun choices, they want to know the why behind what we want.

Janice E. Thom, National LGBTQ Task Force
Andrew Hattori

Combining five different websites into a single site was a huge undertaking. Firefly Partners led a process that was clear and effective, and our project manager provided strong advice and guidance every step of the way.

Andrew Hattori, San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Janie Gianotsos

The Firefly team helped us demystify Google Analytics. They set us up to access important data and manage things on our own. Now we can use what we learn from our website analytics to inform other projects.

Janie Gianotsos, Food Bank of the Rockies

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