Auditing the digital ecosystem of a historic LGBTQ organization

Auditing the digital ecosystem of a historic LGBTQ organization

The Challenge

The National LGBTQ Task Force, an advocacy organization founded more than 50 years ago, knows its long-term sustainability hinges on effective digital outreach and fundraising efforts. To ensure its tech advances its mission well into the future, Task Force engaged Firefly Partners to conduct a comprehensive audit of its marketing technology (MarTech) stack. The audit's goal was to evaluate the digital ecosystem, including the organization’s website, email marketing platform, fundraising tools, and Raiser’s Edge NXT CRM, for synergies, inefficiencies, and opportunities for optimization.

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Luminate Online
Raiser’s Edge
Data & Analytics
Marketing Technology
A thorough MarTech audit doesn’t just track data, it also factors in the people who are using it.

A thorough MarTech audit doesn’t just track data, it also factors in the people who are using it.

In addition to understanding the purpose of the data the Task Force team was collecting and how they were collecting it, we also sought to determine the staff’s technical capacity. We develop systems that are practical for the people who will oversee and use them.

Anatomy of an audit

Anatomy of an audit

Our in-depth examination of Task Force’s MarTech stack included:

  • Inventory and primary purpose analysis of more than 30 platforms
  • Performance analysis to assess efficiencies, automated processes and integrations, and technical functionalities
  • Usability surveys with staff as end user to evaluate user adoption, training, and data governance needs and practices
  • Data and analytics review to ensure platforms’ data delivery and reporting capabilities matched business KPIs
  • CRM data quality assessment to evaluate the health of the Raiser’s Edge NXT database
National LGBTQ Task Force

Firefly’s expert Martech analysis provided invaluable insights into our digital ecosystem. Their assessment laid out clear and actionable recommendations that are greatly improving our data management, campaign execution, and staff efficiency. With their guidance, we’ve established a stronger foundation for our marketing and fundraising efforts, strengthening our ability to serve our community.

National LGBTQ Task Force
Cathy Renna
Director of Communications
Data accuracy

Data accuracy

We first removed more than 20,000 duplicates and cleaned up CRM records. Next, we mapped data objects in the client’s RE NXT, and updated integration configurations to enhance the accuracy of the data stored, create more efficient data collection processes, reduce the need for manual data entry, and remove redundancies.

This allowed the LGBTQ Task Force to re-establish communication strategies that were more effective in nurturing supporters. It also improved the staff’s trust in data.

Standardized processes

Standardized processes

“Data governance framework” is the term for all the systems by which an organization gathers, stores, and uses data–all the standards a team follows to manage its data. We created a robust data governance framework for Task Force, reducing the need for manual data management, and ensuring consistency in data objects. This freed up time for the staff to focus on more mission-oriented work.

Building capacity

Building capacity

The best tech tools and processes mean nothing if people don’t know how to use them. We finished our work by offering technical training to Task Force staff, ensuring they were set up for success in the long-term.

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