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We partner with progressive organizations that are tackling today’s biggest social challenges. Your purpose drives every aspect of our partnership.

Here are some of the ways we leverage digital tools and marketing strategies to move your mission forward.


Websites and social media and email campaigns, oh my! Your audiences have high expectations about your communication channels and you, my friend, need to meet them. Digital content and campaigns need a solid strategy behind them. We can’t stress this enough – get our help early on in your planning process. The Firefly team has a collective 200+ years of experience in digital nonprofit work. Our expertise will help your organization stand out from the crowd, meet your goals, and make you look like a rock star.

Website Audit

If it’s been a while since you refreshed your site, may we recommend a website audit? This core service includes looking at your website from the inside out, with a full report listing our recommendations for improvement.

User Testing

Bob the IT Guy loves the location of your donate button – but can your supporters find it? Let our usability expert craft a robust user testing plan, complete with recorded user sessions and useful insights.

Content Strategy

A wise woman once said, “If your content is for everyone… it is really for no one.” We’ll help you create compelling content with a focus on providing the right information to the right person at the right time.

Audience & Action Workshops

We love helping organizations identify and prioritize their top 5 audiences and the actions they should take on your behalf. Our savvy experts will facilitate a jargon-free workshop that results in your stakeholders being on the same page – we promise!

Campaign Strategy

You have a campaign goal. Does this mean you have a strategy? Sadly, no. Whether you need to increase your list or attain a fundraising goal, the first step in crafting a successful campaign is defining your strategy, metrics and tactics.

Firefly Does Strategy

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Here’s a fun question for you: Have you looked at your website on a tablet? How about reading one of your organization’s email messages on a phone? Like ruffles on a tux jacket, your website and communications can make your organization look out of touch and dated. Whether doing a complete website rebrand and redesign or creating a custom look for your DIY fundraising microsite, Firefly will design an engaging digital presence that draws your supporters in and increases visits and conversions.

Creative Discovery

Great web design starts with creative discovery. Our designers will review your organization’s brand, uncover your online goals and educate your team about trends and best practices in modern web design.

Information Architecture & Site Maps

Intentional content organization – it’s not just for your visitors! Your staff needs it too. A well thought out site map and IA will help keep your website pages, images, and forms tidy and will inform your new site navigation.

Responsive Wireframes

Ah, wireframes. The blueprints of the digital design world! Placement of content blocks, hero images, and form fields are designed and revised in order to increase usability on screens of all sizes.

Responsive Design

Powerful. Compelling. Attractive. Modern. Your website and digital communication need to be all this and more. Our designers are amazingly skilled at creating designs that tell your story in a contemporary way.

Custom Solution Design

Let’s say you want your donation form to do something amazing. Or you need your Salesforce volunteer database seamlessly connected to your website. Our technical team loves a good challenge. Bring it on!

Firefly Does Design

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Proper web development takes education, experience, and great attention to detail. Our technical team provides the highest quality coding and testing services. If HTML is not your strong suit, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that working with our experts brings. If you are a developer, we speak your language. Each item we build is cross-platform tested to ensure it will work correctly on today’s browsers and devices. Best of all – you’ll get to look like a smarty pants for finding the Firefly team.

HTML5/CSS Coding

Modern development techniques are constantly changing. Firefly creates clean code and CSS that follows industry standards and best practices.

Custom WordPress Themes

We love WordPress – it’s robust, easy to use, and secure. Once we build your custom WordPress site, complete with plug-ins, widgets, and custom fields you’ll love WordPress too.

Online Engagement Tool Development

Modern websites have to work seamlessly with email sign up forms, donation forms, and email templates. Firefly will design and build custom elements and connect them to your site and CRM of choice.

Custom Peer-to-Peer Development

P2P fundraising comes in many flavors these days. We’ll set up your new event site and pages with your preferred set of bells and whistles. Our team stays informed about latest P2P tips and tricks to keep your participants engaged and raising money.

Quality Assurance Testing

We are firm believers in the value of robust quality assurance testing. We provide device, browser, and operating system testing for everything we build. You’ll test drive your new site to make sure it looks right and works as expected before launch.

Firefly Does Development

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Doing lots of online communication is only half of the story – you need data that tells you what’s working (and what’s not). Our team of savvy engagement experts know what data you should be looking at and – here’s the crazy part – how to interpret the data when you have it. From configuration of custom views and campaigns in Google Analytics to supporter surveys, Firefly will help you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Google Analytics & Cross-Domain Tracking

Google offers free tools to monitor digital performance. As proud graduates of Google Academy, we can help you with set up, cross domain tracking, views, and Tag Manager.

Comparative Organization Review

Understanding how your competitors communicate and raise money can give you a strategic advantage. We’ll review their digital presence and deliver our recommendations.

Supporter Surveys

Wonder what your supporters think about your website and communications? Supporter surveys are a powerful tool to gain valuable, actionable insights.

Ongoing Performance Metrics

It’s pretty common to have loads of performance data but no time to routinely review it. Our team will serve up useful, timely reports along with industry insights.

Firefly Does Google Analytics

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Meet your secret weapon in the battle of the never-ending task list. Combine the best in technical support with the best in communication and what do you get? Firefly Partners Support Services. Firefly has developed a time-tested approach to providing digital support services that is sure to make you breathe a sigh of relief. Our support service managers are standing by to assist you with a wide assortment of design, technical, and training services – delivered with a smile in record time.

Design & Technical Development

Need a new form, web page, survey, or email message designed and built? How about a sweet custom report? Our support clients rely on us to help with tasks like these.


Our training services are second-to-none. Whether you need a refresher or a deep dive, and no matter if you are a WYSIWIG user or technically adept, we’ll create customized sessions and record them for your future use.

Google AdWords & Facebook Ads

Pay-per-click advertising on Google and social media is hot. Our team can help with PPC strategy, Google Grants, and keyword management plus Facebook ads and robust reporting.

Google Analytics Management

Google offers free tools to monitor digital performance. As proud graduates of Google Academy, we can help you with set up, cross domain tracking, views, and Tag Manager.

Email Optimization

Everybody loves a good welcome series. We also love A/B testing, message personalization and compelling content. We’ll even track performance metrics for you. Sweet!

Firefly Does Support Services

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Got a case of the “online engagement tool blues”? Not sure if your current platform is meeting your needs or if you simply need training?

We’ve struggled with these weighty questions too. Moving can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. You need a partner that you can trust. We’ll arrange demos and cut through the typical sales pitch so you choose the new online engagement tool that meets your strategic and operational goals. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll configure your new system, move you in, and train you up!

System Review & Recommendations

When your online tools are a drag, it can make your job harder. Our team will get under the hood to assess your situation and make recommendations for improvement.

Requirements Gathering

It’s time to get on the same page about your organizational needs. Interviews with your team are turned into a robust set of detailed platform requirements for review.

Platform Demos & Scoring

There are a lot of online platforms for nonprofits out there. Get our help with vendor communication, demonstrations, follow up, and final selection.

Online Engagement Tool Set Up

It’s time to build those templates, forms, and action alerts! We’ll use your functionality and brand specifications to set things up right.

Custom Documentation & Training

Owning a new online platform can seem intimidating. Let our expert trainers teach you how to perform routine tasks on your own with customized, recorded sessions.

Firefly Does Online Tool Migration

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