NARF is a leading nonprofit law firm dedicated to defending the rights of Native American tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide. But their online presence limited their ability to promote their important work. Firefly worked closely with their team to identify NARF’s target audiences and develop a look that enticed supporters to learn more about the organization.


Before we could move NARF forward, we all needed to know where we were starting from. A full online audit exploring their existing content and resources, their regular email communication and fundraising efforts, and their Google Analytics data gave us a solid foundation for advancing NARF’s mission online.

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NARF’s goal was to revitalize their web presence – everything from their website to their online fundraising efforts to their digital engagement efforts. Following Firefly’s full audit of their online ecosystems, we came together with the NARF team to identify their main strategic goals and establish a plan for accomplishing those goals.


Modern Design and Responsive Functionality

NARF needed a new website design that communicated their professionalism and openness, without the flashiness that characterizes so many sites these days. A clean interface and obvious ways for supporters to engage with the organization – whether through petitions or to seek legal assistance – would buoy NARF’s efforts to connect with their target audiences.

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Renee, our Technical Services Director:

"Being able to contribute in a small way to the important work that NARF does is why I love my job. The team at NARF was so engaging and committed to improving their online outreach efforts, it made this engagement the best kind of partnership"

Mauda, Web Services at NARF:

"I so appreciated Firefly’s open communication and timeliness in everything they did. They whole team did a great job of keeping our project moving and working with us to find the right solutions when the unforeseen came up."

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