Active Minds is the premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students. Powering the Active Minds movement is a network of more than 400 campus chapters at colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide. Active Minds wanted a responsive site that also reflected their desire to be more relevant to anyone concerned with mental health and young people. Firefly Partners worked with Active Minds to build a custom WordPress site that meets their current needs and gives them flexibility as they grow and expand.

Active Minds Responsive Website

Hey, Good Lookin'

The average U.S. consumer spends five hours a day on mobile devices, so it was important to Active Minds that their new website look great on any size screen. Our mobile responsive design clearly presents their brand and allows users to access content from anywhere.

The site is also modular, meaning different types of content can be pulled into new pages using a drag-and-drop process. This gives administrators flexibility without requiring them to build new layouts every time they want a new page design. 

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Active Minds menu

Stuck Like Glue

An additional design feature we included is sticky navigation, which means that the main navigation bar at the top of each page follows visitors as they scroll down.

This small but important detail gives people access to everything Active Minds provides in a convenient and easy-to-access location. It’s just one way that we prioritized user experience in this new website.

Active Minds Account Creation

Show Your I.D.

Active Minds wanted a unique registration process for their members. They needed to know who was joining their organization so they could share the right resources with the right people. Firefly Partners was able to create the custom experience they were looking for.

When an individual begins the sign-up process, they are asked to identify themselves as a student or a non-student. This information flows into Active Minds’ CRM and allows their team to send communications with content that is most useful to their different member groups.

After registering, users can sign-in and update their account information and personal details.

Active Minds Start a Chapter

Location, Location, Location

In order to expand their programs, Active Minds had to know where there were potential student members and leaders. Firefly Partners added additional questions to the student registration process to help identify those willing to start new chapters.

The Active Minds team can use this information to determine where to launch new chapters based on which schools have the most interest.

Nathan Allen, Senior Web Developer:

The ground-level framework we built for Active Minds is a foundation that will allow them to add more functionality. Going forward our solution gives them ability to tailor their site to provide the exact information their members want and need.

Nate Allen

A Site as Special as Your Programs

Firefly Partners doesn’t produce cookie cutter or off-the-shelf websites. We know how important a first impression is, and we take seriously the challenge of building sites that look, and work, great for each client and all their supporters. Tell us more about your next project and see how we can help.

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