Austin Theatre is a beautiful, historic theater in a very cool part of Austin.  They were ready to move out of their legacy CMS into WordPress.  The original design was non-responsive and was really holding their team back.  They had digital marketing and communication plans galore and selected Firefly to lead the way.  Firefly needed to design and configure the new site so it would seamlessly integrate with Tessitura, Austin Theatre’s newly selected online ticketing, fundraising and communication system.    (Pause for applause and loud cheering.)


Adam Hilton, Systems Manager, Austin Theatre:

We have had consistently good experiences with Firefly Partners on projects of all sizes. They have a deep understanding of the needs and constraints of non-profit organizations and have always worked hard to understand our organization’s immediate and long-term goals. When we decided to undertake a website architecture and design overhaul, we knew the project would be multifaceted, murky and high risk. Our team at Firefly gave us clarity and assurance for the full duration of the months-long project. We received consistent and clear communication from day one regarding milestones, budget, and tracking, and we are incredibly happy with the quality of the end product.

Paramount Homepage

Five Months To Launch

We’ve got a great collaborative partnership with the Austin Theatre team, and we got going with a rapid design and development process.  Best practices in content organization and navigation were used as the foundation for a bright, fresh look and feel that reflects the beloved Paramount Theater brand.   The combo power pack of WordPress and Tessitura makes it easy to buy a last-minute ticket on your phone on the way to the show.

Launch Site >

Website And Ticketing Integration: Two Thumbs Up!

Austin Theatre worked with Tessitura, a software system specializing in technology for arts & cultural organizations, to power their online ticketing, communication and fundraising functionality. In order to maintain a consistent, secure experience for users across both WordPress and Tessitura, Firefly built a matching responsive template that displays around all Tessitura pages. We paid special attention to the placement of navigation buttons so users can navigate the across the platforms with ease. The post-launch reviews were phenomenal and confirmed that site visitors feel as though they are staying on the main website throughout their entire experience.

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If your time is spent navigating frustrating workarounds and you find yourself saying, “Our site can’t do that” – we really need to talk.  We live in the digital age, after all!  Almost anything is possible with the right platforms, process and partnerships. When you are ready to start a website redesign and CMS migration, call us.  Firefly Partners knows how to turn your nerdy dreams into reality.

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