Be The Match is the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through blood stem cell transplants. The organization conducts research to improve transplant outcomes, provides support and resources for patients, and maintains a donor registry. Since 2010, BTM has raised $7.5 million through peer-to-peer fundraising. 

Team Be The Match Responsive Donation Form

Responsive Design

Over 50 percent of users are now browsing on mobile devices and in 2016, 17 percent of online transactions were made using a mobile device. Firefly designed BTM’s donation forms to be mobile responsive to keep up with these trends. We also added an impact statement on the side of the form as a way for donors to understand why they should give and to show how their contribution would make a difference. 

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Team Be The Match Achievement Badges

Badges of Honor

Be The Match has taken advantage of TeamRaiser gamification for years, but wanted a more custom user experience. They also wanted a way to call out how many potential marrow donors could be added to the registry based on an individual’s fundraising total. Firefly created a one-of-a-kind marrow donor badge with a backend calculation that updates in $100 increments. As the total rises, the number of donors does as well.

Team Be The Match Logo

Kerrie Goughnour, Digital Project Specialist:

It’s rare to find a vendor that 'gets you' the way Firefly does. No matter what we throw at them, they never fail to mold our crazy ideas, budget restrictions and timelines into inspired solutions. Ask any of their clients and they’ll agree. Firefly’s project management and web development talents are the best in the business. Firefly is not just a vendor for us, they’re part of our team.

Team Be The Match Responsive Waiver

Higher Education

BTM unveiled their On Campus option in 2018, allowing them to tap into a critically important age group that was underrepresented in their donor registry. Individuals can raise funds or can create teams specific to their college and universities. In TeamRaiser, individuals are typically prompted to fill out a waiver after they complete registration. Firefly customized the process for On Campus to streamline and simply the steps. Now, the waiver is bypassed and instead is a custom question that appears in a pop-up window. All participants have to do is read the waiver and check a box—then they’re done. This makes it easy to complete registration.


Team Be The Match Email Template

Email Personalization

Email is one way that BTM communicates with and encourages their fundraisers. Firefly worked to personalize these emails depending on the individual’s actions. For those just starting, an email will give them tips for how to reach out, reminders to complete their pages, and offer help signing in.

Team Be The Match Facebook Fundraiser

Getting Social

Another target market for BTM is women between the ages of 36-50. Since a high percentage of this group is active on Facebook (74% of US adult women use the platform), the organization was excited when Blackbaud rolled out a new Facebook integration in July of 2018. Firefly incorporated this new functionality into BTM’s instance of TeamRaiser so participants could fundraise directly on Facebook. Donations go through a Facebook form and thermometers on both the social platform and the TeamRaiser personal page update to reflect the running total. 

Blackbaud Solution Provider Badge

Fit Like a Glove

Firefly is a Certified Partner Blackbaud Solution Provider. We are experts in the tool and know how to use it to its full potential to help you reach your communications and fundraising goals. Firefly’s expertise with TeamRaiser is second to none. We can customize the platform to create a meaningful experience for users that keeps them coming back year after year. Email us today to jumpstart your peer-to-peer event now. Learn more about our services.

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