Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) supports families in Colorado and Wyoming, helping them thrive by distributing food and essentials to the hungry through programs and partner agencies. While they had Google Analytics tracking set up on their website, they knew they needed support to verify it was set up accurately, and training to effectively use the tool.

Food Bank of the Rockies Google Tracking Code

Check Up

The first step of this project was an audit of FBR’s Google Analytics setup to make sure they were collecting basic data accurately. Through a discovery process we helped them hone in on specific goals, and which conversions and events they could track in Google Analytics to reach them.

Food Bank of the Rockies Google Analytics Dashboard

A Better View

Based on this information, we created multiple views, audience segments, and custom dashboards. Specifically, we set up audience segments for visitors to their Agency and Get Help pages so they can track where website visitors go next and what interests those groups most. This helps them learn what information was being accessed and what important resources needed to be promoted more effectively. Using the funnel tool we created a dashboard that collects this information and automatically sends a report to the FBR team once a month.

Food Bank of the Rockies Responsive Homepage

Form and Function

Like many organizations, FBR has their signup forms and donation forms hosted on a different site from their main website. Because of this, they were not collecting valuable conversion metrics for these forms. We set up tracking on their newsletter signup and eCommerce forms so they’re more easily able to see how these parts of their site are performing. Only with this data can they make smart choices about where and how to promote these levels of involvement.

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Food Bank of the Rockies UTM Codes

Playing Tag

To help the FBR team understand the effectiveness of their email campaigns, we provided a UTM 101 training. Using proper email tagging they can obtain information on how each link in every email performs, which can inform decisions they make about future communications and content. While most email tools give basic click-through information, using UTM codes means nonprofit teams can track the flow of email to web traffic in a single platform.

Monica Malmgren

Monica Malmgren, Senior Digital Strategist:

Google Analytics takes the guesswork out of project planning. By learning more about who is visiting their site, which pages they’re finding, and which forms they are filling out, the FBR team can make improvements based on actual data. In addition to better awareness about their work and mission, FBR can also expect more conversions of their most important asks.

Food Bank of the Rockies Google Search Console

The Search for Success

How people to get your site is just as important as what they do once they arrive. To give FBR a better sense of which words people are using in search engines to reach the their site, we set up and enabled Google Search Console. For a better understanding of what visitors are struggling to find within their site, we setup Site Search Tracking. Their team can use this data to prioritize information on the most visited pages, and to better promote what isn’t being easily found. These data can also inform Google Ad and list growth strategies.

Food Bank of the Rockies Google Analytics

Planning ahead

FBR has a vision for a complete website redesign in the next few years. Using Google Analytics, they can gather useful data and visitor demographics to make mindful decisions regarding layout, navigation, pages, and content.

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Janie Gianotsos, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Food Bank of the Rockies:

The Firefly team was key to helping us understand and demystify Google Analytics. We knew it was a tool we had access to and were not utilizing to its full potential. They made sure things were working properly and set us up to not only access important data, but also to manage things on our own. Now we can use what we learn from our website analytics to inform other projects.

The More You Know

Learning about your website visitors and how they find and navigate your site means you can organize your content to meet their needs. When you understand what is working and what isn’t, you can make data-driven decisions for ways to generate traffic, signups, donations, and members. If you’re looking for digital marketing experts to guide you through the process of using Google tools including Analytics, Ads, and Optimize, reach out to us today.

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