Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a leader in shining light on human rights abuses around the world. After careful examination, they realized their current online platform didn’t give them the tools they needed to further their mission globally. Platform constraints forced them to use a separate database for each currency they wanted to accept. That meant eight online databases and syncing each with Raiser’s Edge. When they decided to migrate onto the Engaging Networks platform because of it’s robust international ability, they asked Firefly to lead the entire migration process, build out the new forms and templates, provide training and keep everything running smoothly.

Tools Funnel

Planning Is Our Jam

You say research and data mapping isn’t sexy work? We beg to differ! It’s both sexy and necessary. And we’d never start a tool migration without it. Kicking off with an in-person discovery session, no white board was safe. Firefly’s strategic consultant and members of the HRW team  spent a full day mapping out how their current data flowed from eight online databases into Raiser’s Edge. What needed to move into the new system? What was left behind? What’s on the data wishlist? We itemized every last form and template in Sphere and established a solid plan to migrate anything relevant into a new, clean Engaging Networks database.

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Picking Up Speed

Human Rights Watch didn’t want to miss an opportunity to use the new Engaging Networks tool for their end of year fundraising campaign, so the planning process defined three possible launch scenarios — aggressive, realistic, and conservative. After looking closely at what needed to be done and by which partners and team members, HRW was ready to be aggressive. Firefly quickly moved into heavy duty project management mode: assigning work, facilitating regular status meetings, and making sure all partners were aligned in their tasks and goals. We’re happy to report that HRW ran a completely successful end of year campaign with their brand new Engaging Networks database.

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Working with Human Rights Watch was amazing. They have a smart team, and they knew exactly what they wanted. By having a single goal -- launching the tool prior to the end of year fundraising season -- I was able to craft a plan to get us there with days to spare.

Human Rights Watch


Supporting An International Team

End of year fundraising was just the beginning of our adventure with Human Rights Watch and Engaging Networks. As the calendar turned over, their event season was quickly approaching. HRW’s offices around the world needed registration forms and email communication built in multiple languages and multiple currencies. Not a problem in Engaging Networks. Firefly’s support team built and launched forms for a host of global offices right on time. The best part of the story ? It ends with dramatically increased efficiency!  Regardless of language or currency requirements, HRW now uses a single online database.

When There Isn't A Minute To Spare

Nonprofit communication is a heady blend of proactive (planned) and reactive (unplanned).  Despite our best plans, stuff happens and we all learn to adjust and accommodate.  Take a complex online engagement tool migration, toss in an end of year campaign and you’ve got yourself a situation on your hands.  Firefly has mastered the art of project planning and can bring sanity and solutions to combat chaos.  Want to learn more about how we can help you handle the details?  Get in touch.

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