The Innocence Project (IP), an organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals, was using several online tools for managing their donor database, email marketing and fundraising. Different pieces of information lived in unconnected systems, causing inefficiencies and preventing the organization from making data-driven decisions about outreach and engagement.  When they were ready to address their data pain points, the IP team selected Firefly to lead an extensive research and tool evaluation process.

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Asking The Right Questions

We started by visiting the IP office and interviewed members of the staff.  We needed to learn how each department and team used their online tools.  Not surprisingly, we discovered that no two groups used the tools in the same way. We combined the interviews with a deep look under the CRM and online tool hood to get a sense of how the systems were configured.  At the end of the discovery phase, Firefly delivered a detailed functionality matrix that represented the requirements for a new online tool that would meet their needs, today and into the future.

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The Innocence Project team tasked us with giving recommendations as an impartial ‘mediator’ to identify exactly what the organization needed as a whole. I think what they found helpful is that we not only used our expertise regarding the current tool setup, but we’ve also worked with a variety of different tools. As a result, we gave sound insight, provided an honest assessment of what each set of tools can and can’t do, and flagged possible pain points well before they made an investment in any particular set of tools.

Laura Ma, Assistant Director Digital & Direct Mail Fundraising:

Researching and selecting an online tool and Constituent Relationship Management System can be overwhelming without in-house expertise. We are glad to have Firefly guiding us through the process.

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Navigating The Discovery Process

During the tool discovery process, Firefly helped the IP team take a holistic look at the structure of their online ecosystem.  This important step allowed end-users to identify what was really important to them (both individually and collectively) for new tool functionality. We arranged for demonstrations of potential replacement tools that supported the key requirements, provided context, and found answers to their follow up questions.  At the end of the project, IP had a short list of tools to consider and felt confident in their ability to make the right decision.


Get Real Help From The Experts

Your team has goals, hopes and dreams – how well are your online systems aligned to support them?  We’ve got eight years of experience in serving nonprofit organizations.  Chances are very good that we’ve encountered your systems, pain points and challenges!  The Firefly team will listen to the folks who use your online tools day in and day out.  We’ll identify the root cause of your problems and bring crystal clarity to your requirements.  We’ve got deep partnerships with the best online tool providers in the space today.  Put our smarts and relationships to work for your organization.  Get in touch.

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