For more than 25 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has provided trusted information, community, and support to people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Their programs and resources are used all over the world. While the project began as a migration to Luminate Online and TeamRaiser, our continued support of their mission has included much more. From revamping their marquee peer-to-peer campaign, to building a new email signup process, to redesigning their email templates, we have used our expertise, combined with best practices, to help LBBC succeed.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

A Great Discovery

Our work with the LBBC team began with discovery and evaluation. The big question: how were their current forms, events, email templates, and other digital assets helping them move their mission forward? We analyzed what was performing well and provided guidance on how their new software could be customized. Taking the time to review, reimagine, and refresh together gave us a detailed plan for the design and development work to follow.

Christine Ware

Christine Ware, Manager of Database Strategy & Administration:

Firefly Partners helps us navigate the complex world of Luminate and TeamRaiser and implement the best solutions for our programs, events, and capacity. They listen to us; they challenge us; they support us.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Reach and Raise Landing Page

A Signature Event

LBBC’s ‘Reach & Raise’ peer-to-peer program is well-established, high-performing, and robust. Our team used the existing event brand and designed an entirely new event in the TeamRaiser software. We created custom achievement badges, added a responsive participant center for easy fundraising on mobile devices, and designed a custom landing page that makes it easy for visitors to find ways to participate. The event template can be copied and updated as new cities are added to the program, or for the next year’s slate of events.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Signup Form

Completion Rate

When people sign up for LBBC’s email communications they start by providing basic information: name, email, and ZIP code. This is great for the initial level of interaction, but the LBBC team wanted more. At the same time, they didn’t want a single step that was so complex that it would scare people off. We built a custom, two-step email signup form with a unique user flow. Hitting the ‘sign me up’ button leads to a second page where the user can provide more detailed information about themselves. Breaking the process up into two steps resulted in a completion rate of 80 percent and an 11 percent growth in new subscribers between 2017 and 2018—two significant wins for the organization.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Mobile Responsive Donation Forms

Donor’s Delight

Revenue from recurring monthly gifts increased by 17 percent in 2018 across all US nonprofits, so having a donation form that makes it easy for supporters to choose that option is critical. LBBC’s form is simple and easy to use, and both recurring giving and tribute gifts are made possible with the check of a box. Mobile responsiveness ensures that people can make donations at a desk or on-the-go. Between 2017 and 2018 LBBC’s recurring revenue more than doubled and they saw a 54% increase in the number of monthly donors.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Reach and Raise Emails

Put Me in Coach

Supporting fundraisers for peer-to-peer programs doesn’t end when they sign up. After we designed new email templates, we worked with LBBC to put together a series of coaching emails. The template is built so the team can easily add and remove content blocks and build emails customized for each audience. From welcoming new signees, to reminding them of important next steps, to sharing tips, this automated email series has helped LBBC increase their Reach & Raise fundraising totals significantly between 2016 and 2019.

Board the Train

It’s not enough just to help an organization update and innovate. Every project we complete also includes in-depth training so the nonprofit team can manage what we build on their own. From improving the usability of forms and email messages to a strategic selection process to find a platform that meets your unique needs, Firefly is more than a consultant – we’re a partner. We have a unique grasp of the software market for nonprofits – let us put our knowledge to work for you. Request a free consult.

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