Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) had completed an initiative to completely modernize their organizational brand.  From the logo to colors, styles, fonts – everything was fresh and new!   The first thing on their re-do list was, of course, their website.  Built in the Luminate CMS with English and French content, the basic site structure and navigation was not changing.  We lead their team through a website refresh process and brought their new look to life.

Nature Conservancy Canada Logo

Reflecting Your Brand In Modern Ways

The NCC team provided their new brand and style guidelines for our designer to review.  In addition to the updated look, the NCC team wanted new designs for their homepage, regional landing pages and blog.  NCC also wanted us to design an infographic that effectively conveyed their impact on a variety of conservation efforts.  We created one unified web presence and developed a technical plan to update pages, templates and styles across the entire site structure.

Nature Conservancy Canada Homepage

Beautiful Inside And Out

The NCC site refresh had some custom requirements to consider as we moved from design into development.  They have individual desktop and mobile sites, so we worked on each of them, making sure the new styles were represented whether a visitor is using a desktop, tablet or phone.  Our lead developer created a custom sticky navigation for the mobile site, allowing users on smaller devices to move through the site without the distraction of a drop down menu.

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Luc Thomas, Manager of Digital Services:

We have been working with Firefly for many years now on various online projects. The Firefly team has been great to work with and they know how to deliver projects on time and on budget. We consider Firefly a member of our team!

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Refresh and redesign

Refresh Or Redesign?

NCC didn’t want a full website redesign, which would have included revisiting their information architecture, navigation, and site map.  A refresh leaves those structural items as is, and the work is focused on updating the colors, images, and fonts.  A refresh is a great option for organizations that need a lighter touch, a faster timeline and a lower cost.  If your website structure is solid but needs to catch up to changes in the organizational brand, consider a refresh!

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As a result of our past work and strong partnership with NCC, we had a deep understanding of how their site was built, which gave us a great advantage. During the course of this project NCC was in the midst of finalizing their new branding, so it required us to be flexible and roll with the punches as branding changes came in parallel with the web design work. In the end, we balanced it all while sticking to our timelines!

Ready To Have A Little Work Done?

It’s pretty typical for digital content to get a little out of synch with itself over time. Is your website feeling out of step with your brand?  Do all of the site pages look like they belong to the same organization?  What about your eNewsletters, forms and social media?  Whether you need a refresh or a full on redesign, our talented team of designers, developers and project managers is standing by.  Let’s talk about which approach might be best for you – contact us for a free quote.

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