San Francisco Marin Food Bank (SFMFB) is one of the largest organizations meeting food insecurity across the Bay and surrounding counties. Like many of the organizations that we partner with, a sizeable percentage of their day-to-day work is spreading awareness throughout their community.

As part of a strategic digital retainer with Firefly Partners, an opportunity to increase SFMFB’s organic presence was identified. The key to increasing the organic traffic to their site was through a focused audit and strategy around Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The research, identification, and implementation of keywords

The underpinnings of a successful SEO campaign means choosing relevant and targeted keywords. With the right keywords, your SEO will substantially increase your rankings on major search engines. So, as specialists in SEO and keyword research, we were happy to assist SFMFB find and select the best keywords for their goals and strategically implement them which helped increase their daily website traffic by 2200%. Oh, now that’s a nice return on investment!


Correction of technical website errors

Most folks who implemented a successful SEO strategy will tell you that keywords are a large part of the story but not the whole story. There’s more to SEO than just crushing the keyword game; it also involves optimizing your website to be read correctly by Google and other search engine spiders. (Yes, we said spiders.)

After a thorough audit of their website, we were able to find several opportunities to increase their website readability which had a huge impact on their overall organic visibility.

Let’s wrap it up

With the SEO plan that we created and then implemented with SF Marin Food Bank, they saw their organic reach for volunteers, donors, and clients grow by 2x fold. They also saw a 4.99% increase in search engine visibility and a huge increase in their search engine positioning.

And, what does all this mean?

Ultimately, it means that SF Marin Food Bank was able to better serve those in their community that needed them all while growing their volunteer and donor base. That’s a huge win!



If you’re ready to increase your organic presence, reach out to us to learn more about SEO and what it can do for your organization. From keyword research to website optimization, to data and analytics, we can make it easy for you to increase your presence and serve a wider audience. Reach out to us today.

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