Team RWB had been using multiple solutions with non-standardized processes to manage constituent data and interactions, leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Outdated sites working on disparate platforms hampered their ability to streamline their work and use analytics to improve or duplicate success. Their solution was to combine WordPress and Salesforce, two of the most powerful tools available to nonprofits. The result is a visually pleasing website with improved user experience and an infrastructure that allows them to easily manage members, events, and chapters.

RWB Responsive Website

Location, Location, Location

Events and activities are core to Team RWB’s mission. Using the new website, members can locate, register, and participate in activities across the country. They can find events where the live, work, or happen to be traveling. It’s just as easy to do on the go, using a phone’s geolocation abilities.

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Dan Brostek, Marketing Director at Team RWB:

Being able to understand and draw insights from the types of events and activities that drive the best offline engagement and interactions with different segments of veterans across different geographies is critical to how we impact veterans’ lives, manage our programs, and scale our organization.

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Team RWB Join Page

The Power Behind the Scenes

Team RWB came from an ecosystem where members had information across several accounts – a Facebook account they used for events, a store account for purchases, and another account if they donated financially. This project stores member accounts and member information in a single location.

A custom-built registration process allows members to update their contact information on the website and submit it directly to Salesforce. A custom Salesforce sync means event and chapter information is available to community members in real time. This benefits Team RWB because they now have a complete view of any member’s interaction with the organization.

Team RWB Salesforce Dashboard

A New Chapter

Team RWB chapters deliver local, consistent, and inclusive opportunities for veterans. Their new WordPress site allows members to search for and join chapters, register for events, and check-in upon arrival. The Salesforce integration allows Team RWB staff and Eagle Leaders to see real-time data on custom dashboards. By capturing individual interaction and event participation data they can draw insights from the types of events and activities that are most successful and replicate them.

The Right Team for the Right Job

Firefly Partners worked with Salesforce experts at Kell Partners to build a custom WordPress website that integrates with Team RWB’s Salesforce database. Together, these tools provide better member engagement, easier management for chapter leaders, and seamless data management for staff. Click here to listen to a recording of a webinar we hosted about this project.

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Team RWB envisioned a unique experience for their members and leaders. We were excited to bring their vision to life by pairing WordPress and Salesforce in new and interesting ways.

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