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We love working with organizations that share our values!  After collaborating on several  projects, the digital team at the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) selected Firefly to provide digital support services with a Premium Support Retainer.  Their Firefly Support Manager cheerfully assists them with whatever they happen to need, standing at the ready to help with a wide variety of design, development and training services.

Supporting A Diverse Online Ecosystem

A sophisticated organization, CRR uses a robust array of Content Management Systems, Online Engagement Tools, and Social Media Applications.  Their work requires lots of rapid response to national and local events, and their communication promotes a robust set of calls to action.  Firefly has expertise in many of the platforms most commonly used by nonprofits – which makes us uniquely suited to help CRR with helping with their own unique digital landscape.

A Truly Supportive Experience

When CRR needs something built, updated or fixed, we put on our thinking caps and our running shoes.  We ask lots of questions to get it right: Will they need to use it again?  Do they need it built with non-technical staff in mind?  What about documentation and training?  As clear communicators and technical experts, we help with all of those things that the CRR team doesn’t have the time (or expertise) to tackle on their own.

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Jen Maceyko

Jen Maceyko, Managing Director:

Moving from a project-based to a digital support model was an easy transition for CRR. We handle whatever tasks they have for us and get them done easily and quickly. The CRR team trusts our expertise and our past track record of delivering high quality work. We are familiar with their sites, systems and overall setup, along with the branding and designs needed for each campaign. And we have a quick turnaround time for tasks, so we are able to help them out in a pinch!

The Peanut Butter To Your Jelly

If you are struggling with an unmanageable to do list, we might just be your new BFF.  Firefly offers a variety of support models and we’ll even customize one to meet your needs and budget.  Our support models cover all sorts of digital tasks, from the simple to the wow-you-just-broke-my-brain. We’ll help with things like webmaster duties, custom integration and API work, email template design, form development and performance metrics, just to name a few.  Does working with a trusted partner to get stuff done sound good to you?  Then you should probably grab a tissue, mop up those tears of joy, and get in touch.

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