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For more than 25 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has provided trusted information, community and support to people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer.  Their programs and resources are used all over the world.  They were prepared to move from their legacy software (Sphere) into Luminate Online & TeamRaiser.  There were many important elements to consider – from the data flow to refreshing their email sign up process.  The LBBC team trusted Firefly Partners to support them with this critical project.  We brought our best practices and experience in software migration to the table to help LBBC succeed.

Strategic Evaluation

Rather than a simple move, the LBBC team wanted to start by evaluating their current forms, events, email templates and other digital assets.  What was performing well?  How could their new software be customized?  Taking the time to review, re-imagine and refresh together with the LBBC team gave us a detailed plan for the design and development work to follow.

Christine Ware, Manager of Database Strategy & Administration:

Firefly Partners helps us navigate the complex world of Luminate/TeamRaiser and implement the best solutions for our programs, events and capacity. They listen to us; they challenge us; they support us.

Signature Peer-to-Peer Event

LBBC’s ‘Reach & Raise’ Peer-to-Peer program was well-established, high-performing, and robust.  Firefly used the existing event brand and designed an entirely new event in the TeamRaiser software.  We created some very cool bells and whistles like custom achievement badges, added a responsive participant center for easy fundraising on mobile devices, and designed a custom landing page that makes it easy for visitors to find ways to participate.  Extra special bonus:  the event template can be copied and updated as new cities are added to the program.

80% Completion Rate

 LBBC had been gathering key information through a single page email sign up form.  Great for getting insights, not so great for usability.   Firefly built a custom, two-step email sign up form with a unique user flow:  the first page of the form collects name, email and zip.  Hitting the SUBMIT button leads to a second page, where the user can provide more detailed information about themselves.  Breaking the process up into two steps resulted in a completion rate of 80 percent – a huge win for the organization and supporters alike!

Use Your Digital Marketing Software Like A Boss

Have you evaluated your current engagement software recently?  Any idea of what your ROI might be?  From improving the usability of your forms and email messages to a strategic selection process to find a platform that meets your unique needs, Firefly can help.  We have a unique grasp of the software market for nonprofits – let us put our knowledge to work for you.  Request a free consult.

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